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Big Shots Virginia Fall Hoopfest: 17U All-Tournament Teams

By Big Shots Nation 10/20/2020, 10:30am EDT

Undefeated Teams

BWSL Team Marsh


Big Shots Select Green

Big Shots Elite WVA

Panhandle Rise

1st Team

6'0 Zach Rosenthall - 2021 Shooting Guard - Big Shots Elite West Virginia (The Steward School)

6'0 Jacob Cooper - 2021 Point Guard - Big Shots Select Green Run

6'1 Allen Strothers - 2021 Guard - Boo Williams (Menchville)

6'1 Edward Johnson III - 2021 Guard - BWSL Marsh (Bishop McNamara)

6'2 Efrem Johnson - 2022 Guard/Wing - Boo Williams (Western Branch)

6'3 Jaylani Darden - 2021 Guard/Wing - Boo Williams (Norview)

6'4 Daylan Askew - 2021 Guard/Wing - GBBA NextUp Select (Hertford County)

6'3 Kenard Richardson - 2021 Guard - Life Christian Academy

6'4 Elijah Kennedy - 2021 Shooting Guard - Big Shots Select Green (Green Run)

6'5 Quentin Livingston - 2021 Wing/Forward - Boo Williams (Kings Fork)

6'5 Steven Stinson - 2023 Wing - Tough Buckets (Trinity Episcopal)

6'5 Travon Gray - 2021 Forward - Virginia Venom Sawyers (Peninsula Catholic)

6'6 Jaden Daughtry - 2022 Wing/Forward - BWSL Marsh (LC Bird)

6'8 Obinnaya Okafor - 2022 Forward/Center - Boo Williams (Bethel)

6'9 Malik Bowman - 2023 Forward - Big Shots Elite Prospect U (Bishop Walsh)

6'9 Davian Coleman - 2021 Forward/Center - BWSL Marsh (Virginia Beach Prep)

6'1 Kojo Addo - 2021 Guard -  TGSA Wolverines (Long Reach)

6'4 Ikechi Chantilou - 2021 Wing/Guard - Life Christian Academy

6'6 Travis Roberts - 2022 Shooting Guard/Wing - Big Shots Elite DC Prospect U (Bishop Walsh)

5'8 Tyree Weekes - 2022 Point Guard - Virginia Venom Sawyers (Bruton)

5'8 Keondre Rodgers - 2022 Point Guard - GBBA NextUp Select (Hertford County)

5'9 Nicholas Booker - 2022 Point Guard - Big Shots Elite West Virginia (The Steward School)

5'10 Brendan Doleman - 2021 Guard - Panhandle Rise (Musselman)

6'1 Jordan Holmes - 2022 Wing/Guard - Panhandle Rise (Musselman)

5'11 Omari Deveaux - 2021 Guard - Team 22 (Freeman)

2nd Team

5'9 Rayshaun Alston - 2021 Point Guard - NC Eagles (Jordan Mathews) 

5'10 Jaiden McIntosh - 2021 Guard - Big Shots Select Green Run

6'0 Jarrell Pope - 2021 Guard - 757 No Fear (Princess Anne)

6'0 Brandon Herman - 2021 Point Guard - BWSL Marsh (Benedictine)

6'1 Quran Briggs - 2021 Guard - TGSA Wolverines (Mount Hebron)

6'2 Jaden Walker - 2021 Guard/Forward - BWSL Marsh (Petersburg)

6'2 Cartlon Canaday - 2021 Guard/Wing - Virginia Venom Sawyers (Peninsula Catholic)

6'3 Ray Washington-Battle - 2021 Guard - Showtime Elite (Blake)

6'4 Izaiah Walton - 2021 Guard - GBBA NextUp Select (Hertford County)

6'6 Jacari Outlaw - 2021 Wing - Big Shots Elite WVA (Greenfield)

6'6 Onaje Jackson - 2021 Forward/Center - Virginia Venom Sawyers (Grafton)

6'7 Mikhail Pocknett - 2022 Forward - BWSL Marsh (Ashley)

6'6 Gregory Melvin Jr. - 2022 Forward - Boo Williams (Cape Henry Collegiate)

6'5 Marcus Nesmith - 2021 Forward - BWSL Meech (Menchville)

6'6 Logan Washington - 2021 Forward - BWSL Meech (Redemption Christian)

6'2 Davin Cosby - 2022 Guard - Tough Buckets (Benedictine)

6'7 Ja'Mais Werts - 2022 Forward - Life Christian Academy 

6'8 Keyontae Lewis - 2022 Forward/Center - Big Shots Elite Virginia (LC Bird)

K Richardson - Life Christian  23.5
O Deveaux - Team 22 22.0
J Cooper - Big Shots Select Gr 21.5
K Ferrell - Select 434 21.0
Z Rosenthall - BigShots Elite  19.5
E Johnson - BWSL-Boo 2021 19.5
J Holmes - Panhandle Rise 19.0
K Addo - TGSA Wolverines 18.5
S STINSON - Tough Buckets 18.0
L Washington - BWSL Meech 18.0
B Doleman - Panhandle Rise 17.0
T Gray - Virgina Venom Sawyers 16.5
E Kennedy - Big Shots Select G 16.5
T Weekes - Virgina Venom Sawye 16.0
I Chantilue - Life Christian A 16.0
L Barbour - Select 434 16.0
Q Livingston - BWSL-Boo 2021 16.0
J Pope - 757 NO FEAR 15.5
R Alston - NC Eagles 15.0
N Jourdan - NC Eagles 15.0
Q Briggs - TGSA Wolverines 15.0
N Booker - BigShots Elite WVA  14.5
J Wilkins - BWSL Meech 14.5
A Strothers - BWSL-Boo 2021 14.5
K Roberts - Select 434 14.0
D Waddington - BWSL Meech 14.0
T ROBERTS - Big Shots Elite DC 13.5
T Stuckey - Panhandle Rise 13.0
E PROSISE - Tough Buckets 12.5
C Long - Panhandle Rise 12.5
P Crowley - NC Eagles 12.0
L Andrew - NC Eagles 12.0
j butler - NC Eagles 12.0
G Cox - Team 22 12.0
D COLEMAN - BWSL Team Marsh 12.0
D COSBY - Tough Buckets 11.5
J Outlaw - BigShots Elite WVA  11.5
R Washington-Battle - Showtime 11.5
K Simms - TGSA Wolverines 11.5
A Gray - Life Christian Academ 11.0
M BOWMAN - Big Shots Elite DC  11.0
T MASON - Big Shots Elite DC P 11.0
J Daughtry - Big Shots Elite V 11.0
G Melvin Jr. - BWSL-Boo 2021 11.0
A Davis - BWSL Meech 10.5
O Jackson - Virgina Venom Sawy 10.0
R Wood - BigShots Elite WVA 20 10.0

Big Shots Virginia Fall Hoopfest: 15U Takeaways

By Big Shots Nation 10/20/2020, 10:15am EDT

The Big Shots Virginia Fall Hoopfest brought out some talented 2023 prospects. Here’s a look at some of the biggest takeaways.

Strothers 2023 goes 2-0 

The 2023 class in Virginia holds quite the talent pool led by Etienne Strothers, younger brother of Allen Strothers, Anthony “AJ” Clark, Edward “EJ” Joyner and Dallas Kendall. Strothers was electric at the point guard spot dishing the ball and knocking down 3-pointers. He made three 3-pointers across their two victories. Clark finished with 10.5 ppg, showing off his length and ability to operate inside the arc. Joyner posted 11 points on three made 3-pointers in their first victory while playing up a division. He’s a member of Virginia’s 2024 class. Kendall showed off his length and prowess around the rim on both ends. He’s come along nicely in the frontcourt over the past few months.

Team Trezz shows off their depth

Team Trezz was another team that went undefeated on the day while showing off their depth. They were led by Deandre Lynch (11.0 ppg) as most of his points came off cleaning up the offensive glass. In the backcourt, Jamal Townsend (9.0 ppg) and Jordan Vick (8.5 ppg) stepped up when they needed to while Khyelle Ingram (9.0 ppg) showed he’ll be an impact player in the paint along Lynch. Johnathan Page (9.0 ppg) and Malik Hill (8.5 ppg) also did well spacing the floor and showing off their ability to step up and make an impact.

Virginia Havoc has some up and coming talent
Virginia Havoc went winless on the day, all of the single-digit variety but they had some talent on the floor. Myles Derricott was one standout performer for them. He put up 14.5 ppg while showing off his ability to score on all three levels. Jaiden Johnson showed it doesn’t take much for him to get going, posting 13.0 ppg, 15 points against Team Trezz. He’s a strong lead guard with a knack for making plays on both ends. Timayahs Bracey led the division with seven made 3-pointers on the day while averaging 12.0 ppg. He’s an emerging sharpshooter to watch.

Zion McDuffie shines with Grindhouse Lakers

Zion McDuffie was a top performer out of North Carolina with his ability to make plays at the rim on both ends. He finished second in the division in points per game (18.5) and first in total points after posting 33 points in a win over Peligro. He showed off his ability to get to the paint and the free throw line and has a willingness to defend the paint with his athleticism. He’ll be a name to know in the state of North Carolina for years to come.

Big Shots Virginia Fall Hoopfest: 16U Takeaways

By Big Shots Nation 10/20/2020, 10:15am EDT

The Big Shots Virginia Fall Hoopfest brought out some emerging 2022 prospects due for some breakout performances. Here’s a look at some of the biggest takeaways.

Team22 Makes an Impact

Team22 was a team at the 16U level that turned heads led by Nicholas Booker and Reuben McEachern in the backcourt and Maddax Evans, Teven Smith and Daniel Heitman on the wings. They were a team that got after it on the defensive end and played team ball to get two wins on the day. Booker put up 14.5 ppg while Smith posted 12.5 ppg and Evans chipped in with 8.0 ppg. They’re a talented squad with some prospects to keep an eye on in Virginia’s 2022 class.

Team Richmond Select makes a successful return 

Team Richmond Select had a productive day in their return to the Big Shots stage, finishing 2-0 on the day led by Gray Proffitt (16.0 ppg) and Rival Axselle (11.5 ppg). Proffitt is an underrated wing prospect that can get to the rim and finish with authority and also dial it up from deep. He knocked down two 3-pointers on the weekend. Axselle is a relentless guard that never stops moving when he’s on the floor and always finds a way to get easy layups as a cutting threat.

Footprint Basketball boasts quite the trio

Footprint Basketball had a solid outing at the Big Shots Virginia Fall Hoopfest, going 2-0 on the day behind the play of Zach Smith, Isaiah Griffin, Kyle Ferguson and Tayshaun Butler. Griffin took home MVP honors in their opening win of the day, showing off his ability to get to the paint and finish in traffic. Smith put up 13 points in their second victory of the day to lead the way in the paint. Ferguson was right behind in the victory with 11 points while Butler chipped in with seven points. They’ve got some emerging talent to keep an eye on in the state of Virginia.

BWSL Pace squad boasts some talent

BWSL Pace squad didn’t get a victory on the day but they did have a few prospects in Troy Giles and Jadon Pace. Pace is a lengthy wing that gets after it on defense and can shoot the 3-ball when given chances. He knocked two 3-pointers to open the day. Giles finished the day with 14 points, showing off his ability to score on all three levels. He knocked down two 3-pointers and got to the rim when given opportunities.

Amare Kennedy coming along with WV Reign

2022 guard Amare Kennedy is really coming along in the backcourt for West Virginia Reign. Kennedy posted 27 points including nine made free throws in their victory to close out the day for his squad. He’s an efficient scoring guard when he’s dialed in and has been showing his stuff on the Big Shots stage in the last few events. He’s one to watch in West Virginia’s 2022 class.

Lowcountry Elite wins the 11U title led by MVP John Cleveland
Russell Felton Jr, Bradlee Haskell, Jazian Gortman, Perry Smith Jr highlight a talented Summer Classic I