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CanAmera (CAN) and Virginia High JV (VA) both go undefeated

Bristol, VA - The FriendshipCars Virginia Invitational presented by Big Shots event had some incredible talent in the gym. The event sold out with 50+ teams.  

CanAmera (CAN) went 2-0 on the weekend, beating the following teams Tri-Cities Christian (TN) and Top Noth Prep Gellar JV (CAN). CanAmera was led by Phoenix Chung-Simmonds he averaged 17 ppg. Virginia High JV went 1-0, they defeated Cloudland JV Boys. Landon Lee was the leading scorer with 12. 

Check out the All Star performers from the event: 

All Stars: 

Top notch prep Gellar JV                                             Ryan Han 5'10 PG

Top notch prep Gellar JV                                             Bryson Hogan 5'10 PG

Top notch prep Gellar JV                                           Ca'amric Williams 5'11 G

Virginia High JV Boys (VA)                                     5 Landon Lee 2026 6'6 SF

Virginia High JV Boys (VA)                                    11 Ollie Carpenter 

CanAmera (CAN)                                                        13 Phoenix Chung-Simmonds 2026 5'10 G

CanAmera (CAN)                                                      6 Ismael Suara 2026 6'5 F

Tri-Cities Christian JV (TN)                                  1 W. Holmes 

Supreme Prep Academy, Flight 22 Prep went undefeated to bring home the title.

Bristol, VA - The FriendshipCars Virginia Invitational presented by Big Shots event featured over 50 teams with talent of all levels in the building at Virginia High School.  

Supreme Team Prep Academy (GA) was crowned Post Grad Champions at the FriendshipCars Virginia Invitational presented by Big Shots after going 3-0 led by MVPs Sean Rutledge and Tarinyan Hairston. Supreme Prep now have been crowned champions back-to-back Big Shots Tournaments. Sean Rutledge averaged 9 ppg during the weekend including a 14-point game against TD Prep to become champions. Tarinyan Hairston had a great weekend for Supreme Prep, he averaged over 16ppg. Including a 23-point game against Greater Destiny Prep Academy on Day 1. 

Flight 22 Prep (NC) remains undefeated on the year at Big Shots Prep Circuit as Nathan Faulk's squad advances to 20-1 on the season. Slashing 6'4 wing Dontavious Pettaway scored 23 points. Mars Hill was 4-deep in staff to see standout 6'5 SF Mikhail Pocknett score 13 points. Pocknett picked up a King U offer on the weekend. Bouncy PG Neeko Taylor also led at the guard spot scoring 16 points. Recently offered by Georgia Southwestern.

Check out the MVPs and All-Star performances from the event:


Supreme Prep Academy (GA)         22 Sean Rutledge 2022 6'7 PF 

Flight 22 Prep (NC)                              5   Dontavious Pettaway 2023 6'4 W

All Stars: 

Supreme Prep Academy (GA)         12 Tarinyan Hairston 2022 6'1 G 

Chen Odenton Prep (MD)                  5 Quincy Mclean 

Chen Odenton Prep (MD)                  0 Shomari White       

Flight 22 Prep (NC)                               5 Dontavious Pettaway 2023 6'4 W

Flight 22 Prep (NC)                               3 Mikhail Pocknett 2023 6'5 W

Flight 22 Prep (NC)                               1 Neeko Taylor 2023 6'2 SG 

Supreme Prep Academy (GA)              1 Aron Benton 2022 6'4 SF

TD Prep (GA)                                             0 Samuel Vessatt 2023 6'5 G

TD Prep (GA)                                             7 Ahmad Clark 2024 6'7 SF

TD Prep (GA)                                             11 Zeplin Kidd 2025 6'4 G

Greater Destiny Prep Academy (NC)  2 Jaylen Lampkins 

Greater Destiny Prep Academy (NC)  3 Jon McKenzie

Greater Destiny Prep Academy (NC)  21 Zy'Mari Perry 


Oak Hill, Winston Salem Christian, Moravian Prep, NC GBB, QEA, and Top Notch Go undefeated, Crowned Champions

Bristol, VA - The FriendshipCars Virginia Invitational presented by Big Shots featured a sold out field of 52 teams throughout the country and Canada at the prestigious Virginia High School. The event had several Top 100 prospects in various classes, breakout performers and teams make national statements in Bristol. 

The High School division crowned the undefeated teams: 

Oak Hill Academy (VA): Coach Stillman’s Oak Hill Academy, goes 3-0 at FriendshipsCars Virginia Invitational lead by 6’5 F Micah Robinson who averaged 15 ppg. Micah holds multiple offers such as; Arizona State, Creighton, Kansas, Kansas State, Ole Miss, and more. One of the top 2025 G 6’2 Kaden Magwood had an impressive showing averaging 12 ppg. 

Winston Salem Chrisitan National (NC): Winston Salem looked unstoppable as they went on to go 3-0, beating The Rock School (FL), CanAmera (CAN), and Hamilton Heights (TN). The top ranked school in NC was led by Isaiah Washington and Lewis Walker. They put on a show and were also named Co MVPs. 6'5 SG Washington averaged 21 ppg including a 28-point game performance against CanAmera. 6'6 SF Walker averaged 16 ppg, he had 24 points against Hamilton Height to make them champions. 

Moravian Prep (GA): Moravian Prep is one of the best shooting teams. They finished out the tournament going 2-0 against The Rock School (FL) and Blue Ridge (VA). Moravian was led by Point Guard Jordan Marsh, he was unstoppable as he averaged 28 ppg. He had 31 points in the championship game against Blue Ridge. 6'1 G Stephen Quinn was lights out, he had 8 3s the first game and then 7 3s in the championship game. 

NC GBB National (NC): NC GBB National went 3-0 as they beat Minnesota Prep (MN), Blue Ridge (VA), and Wesley Christian (KY). They were led by 6'7 Isaiah Otyaluk and 6'7 Jalik Nicholls. Otyaluk averaged 15 ppg and Nicholls averaged 13ppg. 

Quality Educational Regional (NC): Quality Educational went 3-0, beating National Christian Academy White (MD), Grace School Christian (VA), Top Notch Prep Ethan (CAN). They were led by 6'0 G Antoine Joines, he averaged 20 ppg. He had a 25-point performance on day 1 against National Christian Academy White. 

Top Notch Prep RJ (CAN): Top Notch Prep RJ went 3-0, they went on to beat Virginia Prep (VA), NC GBB Varsity (NC), and National Christian Academy White (MD). They were led by Kalique Ambris, he went on to average 15 ppg. 

Check out the MVPs and All Star performers from the event:


Winston Salem Christian (NC)                 23 Lewis Walker 2024 6'6 SF

Winston Salem Christian (NC)                 11 Isaiah Washinton 2024 6'5 G 

Moravian Prep (GA)                                       2 Jordan Marsh 2023 5'10 PG

NC GBB National (NC)                                 35 Isaiah Otyaluk 2024 6'7 SF

NC GBB National (NC)                                  11 Jalik Nicholls 2024 6'7 SF

Quality Education Regional (NC)             3  Antoine Joines 2024 6'0 G

Top Notch Prep RJ (CAN)                             Kalique Ambris 2023 6'2 G

1st team All Stars: 

Asheville School (NC)                                  23 Derin Saran 2023 6'3 G

Asheville School (NC)                                   1 Ryan Soulis 2024 6'10 F

Blue Ridge (VA)                                               44 Shanon Simango 2024 6'7 F

Blue Ridge (VA)                                                1 Kamren Martin 2024 6'3 SG

CanAmera (CAN)                                             7 Timothy Eze 2024 6'7 G/F

CBA (GA)                                                             1 Royal Brown 2024 6'4 

CBA (GA)                                                            12 Gabriel Gutsmore 2023 6'3

Hamilton Heights (TN)                                 5 Jordan Dumont 2023 6'7 SF

Hamilton Heights (TN)                                 3 Bryson Andrews 2024 6'0 G

Minnesota Prep (MN)                                    2 Jalyn Patterson 2025 5'9 G

Moravian Prep (GA)                                       21 Stephen Quinn 2024 6'1 G 

Oak Hill (VA)                                                     3 Kaden Magwood 2025 6'2 G 

Oak Hill (VA)                                                     5 Micah Robinson 2024 6'7 W

Oak Hill (VA)                                                     1 Joshua Holloway 2024 6'0 G

Strasburg (VA)                                                 11 Walker Conard 2024 6'7 SF

The Rock School (FL)                                   21 RJ Jones 2024 6'9 F

The Rock School (FL)                                    0 Dallas Jones 2023 6'3 G 

Top Notch Prep Ethan (CAN)                     12 Miguel Braun 2024 6'2 SG

Twin Springs (VA)                                             1 Bradley Owens 2023 6'4 SF

Virginia High (VA)                                              1 Dante Worley 2023 6'0 G 

Virginia Prep (VA)                                             11 Javeon Fairman 2025 6'1 G

Virginia Prep (VA)                                              1 Julio Goodridge 2023 6'1 G

Wesley Christian (KY)                                     23 Andre Skelin 2023 6'8 PF

Wesley Christian (KY)                                     11 Jalen Spencer 2023 6'3 G 

Word of Life Christian (VA)                           31 Jason Clarke 2025 6'0 SG

NC GBB National (NC)                                   24 Jajuan Nicholls 6'8

Winston Salem Christian National (NC)  10 Torey Alston 2023 6'9 PF

2nd Team All Stars: 

Winston Salem Christian National (NC)   15 Kany Tchanda 2024 6'10 F

Grace Christian School (VA)                           4 Mason Wynn 2025 5'11 G 

Jefferson Forest (VA)                                         24 Kelka Alwal 2024 6'5 SF

Top Notch Prep RJ (CAN)                                 5 Razak abdu 2025 6'6 SF

Twin Springs (VA)                                                3 Connor Lane 2023 6'4 PG 

Asheville School (NC)                                        0 Michael Mora 2023 6'6 F 

Blue Ridge (VA)                                                    22 Colby White 2025 6'4 SG

CanAmera (CAN)                                           10 Josiah McKnight 2024 6'5 G

CBA (GA)                                                                 2 Kevin Alabi 2024 6'7 PF

Graham (VA)                                                          0 Markelle Ray 2025 5'8 PG

Hamilton Heights (TN)                               0 Camden Andrews 2023 5'11G

Moravian Prep (GA)                                             1 Isaac Ellis 2026 5'10 G 

Moravian Prep (GA)                                             5 Dylan Purnell 2023 6'5 W

NC GBB National (NC)                                        5 Caden Bell 2024 6'2 PG

Oak Hill (VA)                                                           12 Nic Book 2024 6'6 G 

Oak Hill (VA)                                                  0 Dontae Russo Nance 6'4 G 

Oak Hill Red (VA)                                                   1 Ashton Walker 2025 6'3 G

The Rock School (FL)                                        3 Kameren Wright 2024 6'6 G

Tri Cities Christian (TN)                                    1 Lofton Looney 2027 5'7 G

Winston Salem Christian National (NC)    12 Felipe Patino 2024 6'4 G 

Word of Life Christian (VA)                               1 Darius Bivins 2026 5'11 G 

CanAmera (CAN)                                                  54 Liam Shaw 2025 6'6 F 

3rd Team All Stars 

CanAmera (CAN)                                                  3 Mikey Vicente 2023 6'1 G 

Cloudland (TN)                                                     2 Eli Morgan 

Grace Christian School (VA)                             5 Michael Patrick 2023 6'4 SF

Graham (VA)                                                           10 Blake Graham 

Minnesota Prep (MN)                                          11 Muja Burton 6'5 F

National Christian Academy White (MD)  2 Haki Muhammad 2023 6'2 G

NC GBB Varsity (NC)                                             33 Treyton Jones 

Quality Education Regional (NC)                    4 Josh Scales 2023 6'2 G 

Quality Education Regional (NC)                    5 Darius Caldwell 6'3 F 

Top Notch Prep (Ethan) (CAN)                         22 Kendal Connor 2025 6'8 F

Virginia Prep (VA)                                                   15 Nick Williams 2025 6'0 G 

Word of Life Christian (VA)                                 2 Jalen St. Clair 2025 5'11 G

Rural Retreat (VA)                                                  10 Gatlin Hight 

Blue Ridge (VA)                                                       11 Diarmid Stewart W

NC GBB National (NC)                                           0 Xavier Whitaker 2023 6'1 G