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Big Shots Spotlight: Eli Ellis 6’1 2025 Moravian Prep, NC

By Big Shots Nation - Frank Bennett, 10/07/23, 11:30AM EDT


Ellis is North Carolina's No. 1 PG in 2025

It’s no secret Eli Ellis is an elite shooter skilled and disciplined at shooting out of a variety of actions (off the catch, off the bounce, off handoffs, coming off screens, step backs, using fadeaways, off a shot or pass fake,  etc) and from all levels.  That in itself makes him a difficult matchup especially given how crafty he is at being able to get his shot when and where he wants it coupled with his ability to draw multiple defenders and then create for others.  Perhaps his ability not only as a shot creator for himself but for others is overlooked as he is so very capable and willing in that area, overshadowed no doubt by his prolific scoring ability.  What I admire most about his game however is his ability to create, attack and if necessary readjust angles.  Watching him create and manipulate defenders and defenses off the bounce is like watching a clinic on angles in basketball.  This makes him so effective off the bounce and also opens up scoring opportunities for his teammates which he exploits so effectively as a facilitator.  Eli uses change of pace effectively, he plays off hesitations and hang dribble hesitations, uses retreat dribbles followed by powerful bursts.  He can change directions on a dime with crossovers, behind the back or between the legs dribbles combining powerful strides and clever use of his off hand.  He likes to initiate contact to get an angle and also as a scorer use contact to cut his defender off attacking the rim.  Out of dead ball action prior to putting the ball on the floor he uses jabs, shot and pass fakes effectively and his burst, his ability to strike with cat like quickness once he sees his defender leaning is quite impressive; not only off the dribble but attack with the pass as well.  Eli is always on balance, eyes always probing the floor and reading his defender and the defense.  He uses his dribble in a manipulative fashion dragging defenders and creating driving and passing angles.  He has the powerful compact frame, powerful legs and strong upper body that allows him to be effective in this style.  A fantastic finisher with superb footwork.  He uses jump stops and a variety of pivots, shot fakes and is strong enough to power his way through his defender to score.  Again his uncanny court vision allows him to always know where people are and to be able to deliver timely and accurate passes at any moment.  Eli may not wow you with dazzling athleticism and explosiveness but he is ball quick.  His cunning footwork, physical profile and crafty playmaking style allows him to expose the best of defenders and makes him always one of the biggest scoring and playmaking threats on the floor! 

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