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Big Shots Boo Williams Legacy Classic 2022 High School All Stars

By Big Shots Nation, 12/12/22, 10:45PM EST


CBA (GA), SOC (NC), Virginia Prep (VA) go undefeated, crowned champs

Hampton, VA - With the legend Boo Williams sitting courtside in his house at the Boo Williams Sportsplex, the Big Shots Boo Williams Legacy Classic featured a sold out field of 40 teams December 9-11. Teams attended from VA, NC, SC, MD, DE, NJ, FL, GA, AL, OH, TN and several from Canada.

The High School division crowned the undefeated teams on the weekend champions in CBA (GA), SOC (NC) and Virginia Prep (VA). 

Below are the All Star teams for weekend:


(Team                #    First        Last        Grad    Ht    Pos    ST)

(MVP) CBA HS (GA)            10    Ahmed    Soumahoro    2023    6'3    PG    GA    

    22 ppg, high level athlete PG, led team to title

(MVP) Virginia Prep (VA)        1    Julio     Goodridge    2023    6'1    PG    VA    

    24 ppg, scoring PG led VPSA to 3-0, 3-level scorer

(MVP) SOC (NC)            11    Evan     Ashemore    2023    6'4    G    NC    

    Combo guard with size, 18.7 ppg, team went 3-0

North Florida Ed. institute (FL)      3    Issac    Taveras     2023    6'6    PG    FL    

    Breakout player, 6’6 PG, HM talent, holds several D1 offers, 23 ppg

CBA HS (GA)                2    Kevin    Alabi        2024    6'7    PF    GA    

    Strong PF, rebounds, LM/MM offers, 15 ppg

CBA HS (GA)                5    Tito    Deng        2024    7'0    C    GA    

    True 7’0, 7’4 wingspan, active , D1

Word of Life Christian Academy (VA)    21    Jason Clarke        2026    6'0    SG    VA    

    29.7 ppg, led tourney in scoring, shooter averaging 31 ppg on season

Franklin Prep (NC)            23    Bryce    Wilkins        2023    6'8    PF    NC    

    Lengthy frame, double-double forward, 22.3 ppg

North Florida Ed. institute (FL)    32    Odaine    Clahar        2024    6'9    C    FL    

    D1, springy, a top shot blocker in event, shoots 3

Quality Education National (NC)     1    Tyson    Barrett        2023    6'8    PF    NC    

    D1, competes, face up 4, rebounds

Quality Education National (NC)     15    Bobby    Cannon    2024    6'10    PF    NC    

    High level talent, Top 5 PF NC 23, 21 points in Rd 1

Quality Education National (NC)     12    Nigel    Okwakol    2023    6'5    SG    NC    

    Athletic lefty, slasher, 17 ppg 9 rpg on the season

Southeastern Prep Academy (FL)    3    Hazzan Efford        2026    5’7    PG    FL    

    3-point shooter, quick PG

Top Notch Prep (Ethan) (CAN)    12    Miguel    Braun        2024    6'2    SG    CAN    

    40 points in final game, tournament high

Top Notch Prep (RJ) (CAN)        22    Kendal    Connor    2025    6'7    PF    CAN    

    D1, strong, finishes PNR, 22 ppg

Virginia Prep (VA)            3    Javeon Fairman    2025    6'2    PG    VA    

    Clutch shot maker, driver, 17 ppg

Word of Life Christian Academy         1          Darius  Bivins               2026    5'11     PG       VA



Franklin Prep (NC)    11        Trent McLaughlin        2023    6'0       PG       NC

LAB University (NC)      Kevin Crockett                                    G         NC

LAB University (NC)       JJ Dancy                                               SF        NC

North Florida Educational institute    0          Juan Bastista               2023    6'2       G         FL

North Florida Educational institute    11        Tommie Hall                           6'2                   FL

North Florida Educational institute    21        LeAno  Rolle                2023    6'6       SF        FL

SOC     Donye Coleman                                              NC

Top Notch Prep (RJ)    10        Andre  Cameron         2025    6'1       PG       CAN

Top Notch Prep (RJ)     4          Luke Fanous                2025    6'2       2/3      CAN

Virginia Prep      10        Nick Williams              2025    6'0       PG       VA

Word of Life Christian Academy         2          Jalen  St. Clair              2026    5'11     PG       VA