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Notables from Big Shots VA Live Sessions I and II 2022

By Frank Bennett, 08/04/22, 11:45AM EDT


Elijah Mitchell, Corey Boulden, Travis Smith standout

Elijah Mitchell, Big Shots Elite VA Nets (6’4 2023 William Flemming HS, VA)

Elijah is a tremendous athlete, powerful and relentless.  He had games of 35 points and 31 points, 26 in another game and just continued to pour it on all weekend.  He can hit the three pointer and hits shots off the dribble but he likes to get downhill and he explodes to the rim with reckless abandoned.  Not reckless as In out of control, no he has great body control, but he attacks with ferocity, a punishing finisher with good footwork and touch.  Elijah averaged a division best 29 PPG during Big Shots VA Live Session II and solidified himself as one of VA’s top 2023 prospects! 

Corey Boulden, WV Reign Elite (6’4 2023 South Harrison HS, WV) 

Corey is a gifted shooter!  The Harrison County, WV Basketball Player of the Year and Male Athlete of the Year owns an aesthetically pleasing stroke and can shred the nets from anywhere on the floor.  He is cerebral, athletic.  Moves off the ball effectively and has a quick release.  Corey is not only a high percentage shot making threat who effortlessly knocks down three pointers and catch and shoot jumpers at an elite level but he can shoot off dribble pull-ups and get to the rim and score.  He plays off the threat of his jumper nicely attacking hard closeouts with jabs, pass and shot fakes and a solid first step.  He can contort his body and slice through traffic and finish with either hand at the rim or end the drive and show off nicely executed floaters and runners.  He’ll use a shot fake and spin off a defender and finish with great touch at various angles, uses pivots and finds angles, his footwork is excellent and uses the glass effectively.  To call him a pure shooter is an injustice to his skill and creativity as a scorer and passer.  Corey also rebounds at a very good rate, he averaged over 27 points and 9 rebounds during a high school season that saw him take home several individual honors while leading South Harrison HS to a 23-2 record and an appearance in the WV Class AA state tournament quarterfinals.  His efforts prompted offers from both Salem University and Wheeling University.  He earned first team Class AA all state honors among other awards.  Corey had a career high 10 three pointers as part of a 58 point effort back in early February and finished the high school season with 74 three pointers!  

Trevor Smith, ISY Elite (6’0 2023 Woodside HS, VA)

A University of Richmond commit Trevor earned MVP honors while leading ISY Elite to the 17U championship during session II of Big Shots VA Live.  Trevor is quick and shifty with an excellent first step.  Demonstrates a good mix of distributing and scoring and versatility as a scorer getting his shot off the dribble or playing off the ball in catch and shoot scenarios, can get his shot against top high school perimeter defenders with regularity.  He scored a career high 55 points in a January 30thfor Woodside High School.  He has a quick release, sound shot mechanics and can score it from all levels.  Trevor does a great job finishing over length and also enduring contact and scoring.  He is a solid on ball defender, excellent lateral quickness and brings a degree of toughness and energy on the defensive end making him an impact presence on both ends of the floor.  Great decision maker, uncanny vision, very good passer and does a nice job finding teammates in transition.  Trevor’s Dad Timmy Smith starred for Denbigh HS in Newport News (VA) and for Boo Williams before playing Collegiately at East Tennessee State University.  

Caleb McNeely, EBA All Stars (6’5 2023 Banner Christian, VA) 

Caleb averaged over 21ppg and he did it with a mix of perimeter jumpers and slippery drives to the rim.  He is a long 6’5 with a long wingspan that allows him to elevate and separate from smaller defenders on the perimeter for the jumper.  He can knock down the three pointer at a very good rate in catch and shoot action and also hits jumpers off the dribble at a good rate.  Caleb has a knack for finding soft spots in the defense and making himself available for shot opportunities.  His rangy strides and quick first step makes him difficult to defend in space and when he gets any daylight to the rim he attacks with aggression finishing above the rim or hanging in the air and maneuvering his body and the ball to avoid defenders and stretch his long frame out to finish.  A very good finisher with a nice touch even at difficult angles.  Caleb  is a very good leaper which also benefits him defensively where he shows versatility as not only a paint presence but one who can defend other wings in space.  He showed some ball handling ability in isolations and the ability to get an angle and then employ his long strides and quick first step to get dribble penetration.  

Malcolm Hodges, EBA All Stars (6’3 2023 Monacan HS, VA) 

Malcolm is an excellent athlete, more of a slasher type who can make a dribble move and suddenly explode to the rim showing off excellent leaping ability for rim rocking dunks.  He hit the spot up three and showed a capable handle creating off the bounce.  Malcolm scored with both hands at the rim and showed the ability to beat his man in both directions and get to the rim in a hurry but was most dangerous getting back to his left hand where he appeared quicker and showed more scoring variety.  Having said that he did send the crowd into a frenzy with a quick rip to his right hand off the catch leaving a defender in his wake, off two long strides along the baseline he exploded high above the rim for a highlight reel dunk.  A convincing finish in traffic!  Malcolm is active especially on the offensive glass where he added to his scoring totals with frequent stick backs.  He can rebound and lead the break and also defended multiple positions effectively.  

Kailen Brown, Team Impact Grey (5’10 2023 Clarksburg HS, VA)

Kailen is a quick guard who likes to push tempo.  He has a quick handle and is capable of making dribble moves without breaking stride so as to keep his downhill momentum.  He is an excellent passer and very effective passing on the move.  He uses shot fakes nicely and with his quick first step that’s an even more effective tool.  He stays quick and low changing directions abruptly and then exploding off a dribble move, often a nasty crossover.  Kailen is solid defending the dribble, quick footed and locked in.  Does a great job in passing lanes with his instincts and quickness.  

Chris Cyrus, VA Venom (6’3 2023 Hampton Christian, VA)

A smooth shooting lefty Chris is a perennial Big Shots All Star and in each event is one of the best all around players in the gym.  He has a great motor and is a gutsy competitor.  Chris moves well off the ball, stays in motion and has a quick release.  Good length at the guard position, he’s able to shoot over the top of many defenders with his high release point. Can shoot it from a hop or a 1-2 and does a nice job shooting off screens and cuts.  Chris can beat you off the dribble using quick, low crossovers, inside out dribbles and stutter steps to keep defenders off balance.  He’s a heady playmaker who looks to get the best shot for the team and does a great job passing out of traffic.  Chris is so active both on the glass on both ends of the floor and with his ball hawking defensive effort and creates extra scoring opportunities for himself and his team as a result.  Consistent, high energy impact player on both ends of the floor.  

Connor Tilley, Big Shots Elite VA Nets (6’4 2023 Moravian Prep National Team, NC) 

Connor can shoot it and is a threat from anywhere on the floor.  His footwork is textbook and his release quick.  He can shoot off pin downs, various cuts, dribble handoffs and doesn’t suffer in consistency which can be attributed to his sound technique both with his shot mechanics and footwork.  He has a sturdy 6’4 190 pound frame and uses it nicely making plays off the dribble and is surprisingly swift once he beats his man.  It also allows him to play through contact nicely and finish at a good rate around the rim.  He is very good in catch and shoot, deadly in the mid range as a shot maker.  He is comfortable pushing the ball in the open court and making plays off the bounce in the half court. 

Devon Lassiter, VA Venom (6’1 2024 An Achievable Dream)

“DJ” is a scrappy and opportunistic scorer having a nose for the basketball and the tenacity to chase down lose balls and rebounds and turn them into opportunities for his team.  He has a knack, although only 6’1 to sneak in and beat opponents to the basketball for rebounds and is very active in the offensive glass.  He is a threat with the jumper from all levels and when he sees the slightest daylight to the rim has an outstanding burst and the ability to slice through the lane where he is a very good finisher at the rim and can also end the drive and hit the floater.  

Zycheus Dobbs, ESF (6’4 2024 Fairmont Senior HS, WV)

Zycheus averaged 19ppg and continued his solid summer, always a double figure scorer and energy giver each time he takes the floor.  He has a textbook stroke and a quick trigger.  Near automatic on spot ups behind the arc he is downright masterful in the mid range both getting open and knocking down the jumper and scoring off dribble pull-ups.  A powerfully built guard who can overpower most defenders with brut force he also is quite agile and has the burst and creativity to maneuver his way through tight creases and finish at the rim.  He is a powerful leaper with very good timing for blocked shots and rebounds.  He is a solid passer, very good playmaker and of course he can score it at all levels.  Zycheus earned all state honors as a freshman and was the hero of the state championship game hitting a last second shot to win the West Virginia AAA state championship! 

Corey Hunter, BWSL Addison (5’11 2024 Churchland HS, VA)

Corey was seeing his first action since returning from an ankle injury that had him on crutches as recently as a month ago.  He showed no signs of rust using his combination of a strong, powerfully built frame with good quickness to get to the rim and averaged a division best 19.0ppg!  Not bad for being out of action for several months!  He is a relentless defender who will guard you baseline to baseline and not get beat.  Offensively he moves without the ball intelligently and off the dribble he is so productive because he is quick and powerful and just shrugs off contact and finishes at a good rate.  

Jayden Sepulveda, PTW-Brown (5’7 2024 Landstown HS, VA) 

Jayden is quick and shifty with the dribble playing off hesitations effectively to win isolations.  His ability to know when to end the drive and hit the pullup in the lane makes him so productive as he reads defenses nicely and attacks space effectively.  Jayden can get to the rim but when he gets picked up he quickly puts on the brakes and sticks the pullup jumper at an impressive rate.  He has mastered the step back jumper, given his height that is a crucial skill for him.  He can also stretch the floor with the jumper.  While he was his teams best scorer he does possess very good lead guard skills.  Jayden has a very good handle and sees the floor nicely.  He a good passer and makes solid decisions, rarely turning the ball over.  

Maki Cary, WV Reign Elite 15U (5’11 2025 Huntington Prep, WV)

Maki is without question one of the most promising players in the 2025 class in the event.  Strong athletic frame with good quickness who plays hard on both ends of the floor from opening tap till final buzzer.  He is a threat from behind the arc both off the catch and stepping in off the dribble but is so productive and comfortable in the mid range both pulling up off the dribble where he is silky smooth and efficient or moving without the ball and getting open for the jumper.  Very athletic, very good operating in tight spaces.  Defends multiple positions and he’s the kind of player you have to keep a body on as he is active on the offensive glass for stick backs and always seems to be around the basketball.  

Say’Quon Deas, ISY Elite (5’8 2023 Woodside HS, VA)

Say’Quon has been on a tear the last two events scoring off the dribble and raining three pointers at a high rate while also distributing the basketball nicely.  At Big Shots VABeach Live he had a stretch where he ran off 10 straight points to lead his team in a comeback effort and with ISY Elite he again contributed with some big baskets late especially in the 17U Slam title game when he buried 6 three pointers and finished with 20 points to lead ISY Elite to a convincing win over Big Shots VA Nets.  Say’Quon is the younger brother of Woodside HS Head Coach and former University of Arkansas standout Stefan Welsh who also starred at Woodside High School leading them to back to back state titles in 2004 and 2005. 

Ben Wesson, Team Vizion (6’3 2024 Albemarle HS, VA) 

Ben has good length and a high release making his shot difficult for many guards to contest; even those who can effectively challenge his shot find that he can also knock down contested shots at a good clip.  Shoots it well from beyond the arc both stepping in off the dribble and coming off screens.  Ben can also rip and go right where he can maneuver his way to the rim and finish.  Hits dribble pull-ups, floaters.  

Elijah Bryant, Team Committed (5’9 2023 Paul Robeson HS, PA)

Elijah earned MVP honors with a huge 25 point performance in the 17U title game.  He is super quick and shifty, uses abrupt stops and quick starts and attacks the basket in an almost elusive manner.  The way he contorts his slender frame and slices through traffic to get to the rim makes him exciting to watch.  Very good scorer on the move and also a crafty passer using no look passes, etc.  so quick and shifty he is difficult to stay in front of and his motor is always in high gear on both ends of the floor.  He compliments his quickness off the dribble with the ability to hit the jumper out beyond the arc.  Didn’t see him pull up off the dribble in my eval period but he was so quick, why settle when he’s getting to the rim almost at will and when he is so good a passer on the move.  

Donte Tisinger, Big Shots Tri State (6’1 2025 Greater Johnstown HS, PA) 

Donte can fill it up from anywhere on the floor and it dont matter if he’s well guarded or not!  His shot mechanics are sound, repeatable.  His stroke is smooth and his range extends out to the volleyball line!  He has a deft shooting touch and hits shots coming off screens, cuts, spot ups and dribble pull-ups and his mechanics don’t deviate despite the different actions.  He can get to the rim and finish and also hits the pull up jumper at a high rate.  

Jalen DeLoatch, East Carolina Elite (6’4 2025 Clover Hill HS, VA) 

Jalen has a sturdy frame with good length and what impresses me is how silky smooth and shifty he is as a playmaker when his frame suggests a bully type downhill player.  While he does have that physicality to his game and ability to overwhelm smaller guards, it’s his crafty handle, shifty footwork and graceful body control that stands out.  Jalen can break you down off the dribble with crossover combinations, behind the back and between the legs dribbles but it’s his timely hesitations and burst, his ability to stop and start and shoot off a dribble move with quick elevation that makes him so difficult to defend.  And with his sturdy frame once he gets an angle he employs that physicality to attack the basket and finish.  His shot mechanics are solid, fluid.  He hits the pull up jumper at a high percentage.  Jalen should be a top prospect in VA’s 2025 class and could see a breakout year upcoming.  He has already burst onto the scene after earning all region honors as a freshman at Clover Hill High School but I expect he will be an all state candidate very soon.  

Olivian Owens, City Rocks (6’6 2025 Green Tech Charter HS, NY) 

Olivian is an athletic and agile big man with both back to the basket skills and perimeter skills.  He has an ideal basketball frame to post inside and take up space and does that well but he can also hit the three pointer, handle and create off the bounce, defend in space.  He has an impressive variety of scoring options both inside and out and the physical tools to execute each with success.  Powerful drop step moves, up and unders, front pivot and score with the short jumper or off the dribble, he has quite the variety.  Olivian is also comfortable and productive away from the rim showing a smooth stroke and sound shot mechanics.  He is quicker than you might expect and can get his shot off the bounce.  He’s obviously put some work in and it could pay off in a big way as he oozes with potential.  He also has the DNA!  His sister is University of Kentucky star center Olivia Owens and his older brother went on to play in community college.  High ceiling prospect should be on everyone’s watch list.  I can see him making a seamless transition to a full time wing as his basketball development continues its quick upward trajectory.  

Jeremiah Shelton, District All Stars (6’2 2024 Benjamin Banneker HS, DC)

A DCSAA Class A All State selection as a sophomore at Benjamin Banneker High School after averaging 17 points, 6 rebounds, 4 steals and just under 2 assists per game so you can see he is active and impactful in all phases!  Jeremiah is quick and stays in motion which allows him to beat opponents to rebounds and lose balls.  He has a nose for the basketball especially reading it off the rim and flying in for stickbacks and rebounds and leading the break.  Jeremiah is quick with a quick handle and keeps his dribble low.  He switches to another gear and has blow by quickness attacking space.  

Jayden Wiggins, Big Shots VA Elite Brown (5’10 2024 Smithfield HS, VA)

Jayden has a chance to be a special player!  He has a long frame, he’s athletic, solid skills, toughness and an impeccable feel.  He has quick feet and shifty playmaking ability featuring timely crossovers and abrupt stops and starts.  He can stop on a dime and bury the pull up jumper or play off the dribble pause and blow by his man.  His first step is quick, his strides long and his ability to maneuver his slender frame through the slightest space impressive as he knifes his way to the rim.  He also plays with a confidence and fearlessness that just tells you he knows he can be that guy!  And he can be!  

Xavier Sauls River City Reign (5’11 2024 Henrico HS, VA) 

Xavier was co MVP in a previous Big Shots event and just continues to produce in all areas.  Quick and athletic, he has a nice feel and I like his ability to get his shot off in traffic.  He keeps his dribble tight and has a quick elevate and release on his dribble pullup.  He’s very good knocking down shots stepping in off the dribble or the catch and can hit the three pointer as well.  Shifty and quick and tough to stay in front of.  Takes care of the basketball, plays on balance and demonstrates solid leadership skills.  

Peyton Smith, City Rocks (6’9 2023 Hudson Falls HS, NY)

Peyton is a wing on a big man’s body!  A force in the paint using his size and strength to move people and score around the rim but also has a capable handle that allows him to push the ball on the break where he can drive it to the rim and score or find a cutter and he shows good court awareness.  Peyton can also step out and knock down the three pointer but also hits shots off the dribble.  Showed alot of versatility on the offensive end and good mobility for his size.  

Aiden Yates, Team Vizion (6’4 2024 Charlottesville HS, VA)

A lefty who can fill it up from anywhere!  Aiden has a textbook stroke and not only poses a threat as a shot maker from all levels but as a guy who can use his rangy strides and score off the dribble as well.  At 6’4 he can shoot over many guards but also has the ability to create space using step backs.  He has a quick, high release and doesn’t need much time or space to get his shot off.  He can effortlessly launch three pointers from 3-4 feet beyond the arc.  His footwork, shot preparation is sound.  On the drive he shows good quickness and some creativity as a finisher with the pro hop and some shifty footwork and scores with the floater as well.  

Charles Ekotto-Nelle, Crusader Nation (6’7 2023 Olympus Prep, NJ)

Charles is amazingly quick and agile given his large frame.  He brings plenty of versatility as a result able to guard other forwards in space but also a strong paint presence.  He gets off the floor so quickly for a big man and is a very good repeat jumper.  Combines powerful post moves and a feathery touch, he seems to shed bodies as he powers his way back up to the rim after a rebound or when receiving a pass in the post.  Charles runs the floor exceptionally well.  He can hit the 15 footer at a good rate and also get his shot off the bounce. 

Rafer Giles, Jr, River City Reign (5’11 2023 Hermitage HS, VA)

Quick and powerfully built guard who can break you down off the dribble and blow by you going left or right at the blink of an eye.  Rafer has a solid handle, low and quick with a nice variety of dribble moves, quick feet.  Gets into the paint at will where he can score it over and around length but also find cutters for dishes or kick outs to the open man.  Rafer elevates quickly into his jumper and can flat out shoot it.  Hits the fadeaway at a high percentage as well.  He is a dogged defender who can take the ball away from you in an instant using cat-like quickness and a strong frame.  It’s in his genes!  His Dad, Rafer Giles, Sr who founded River City Reign starred at Henrico High School in Richmond and played his college basketball at UMASS! 

Jordan Marsh, Big Shots Elite Brown (5’11 2023 Oak Hill Academy, VA) 

Jordan is a dynamic playmaker, an elite athlete with great quickness and explosive leaping ability.  He can knock down shots from anywhere on the floor.  A lefty with a nice stroke and high release doesn’t need a lot of time to get his shot off.  He is quick off the dribble using crossovers stutter steps and explosive quickness.  He can score over length with the floater, hits the dribble pullup and dazzles with an assortment of highlight reel worthy dunks showcasing his outstanding leaping ability.  Also a strong on ball defender who doesn’t get beat.  He’s a threat to get a steal off the ball and go coast to coast in a flash as he anticipates nicely and has the quickness to bait a passer into making a pass they think is open only to see Jordan pick it off and turn it into a quick basket going the other way.  Very exciting, high energy player to watch.  

Shamon Rosser, River City Reign (6’6 2024 Henrico HS, VA)

Shamon is a matchup nightmare.  At 6’6 he’s long and quick, shifty attacking the rim and is a very good finisher.  He knocks down the jumper at a good rate especially inside the arc.  He is a great leaper, quick off his feet on his first and subsequent jumps and is a very good shot blocker.  He is quick enough and laterally able to defend other wings while also posing a threat inside as a rebounder and shot blocker.  

Angel Long, Team Impact Black (5’11 2025 Gaithersburg HS, MD) 

Angel averaged 24.3ppg including a 22 point effort that earned him co-MVP honors in a 69-46 win over WV Reign Elite in the 15U championship.  Angel moves without the ball nicely.  Knocked down the three pointer and got to his spots off the dribble nicely for pullup jumpers.  Also found his teammates on the drive for good looks.  

Lantz Butler, Hustle DMV (5’11 2025 Southern Maryland Christian Academy, MD)

Lantz put up 30 points in a loss to FAM Academy.  He shot the ball well and is a threat from beyond the arc.  Does a nice job attacking hard closeouts often using a subtle yet effective shot fake and then a quick rip move.  He most often continued his drive to the rim and was able to finish nicely.  

Landon Sanders, WV Reign Elite (6’0 2025 Bridgeport HS, WV) 

Landon averaged over 17ppg for the weekend.  He has sound shot mechanics, footwork and a quick release.  Sneaky quick attacking space as he plays off hesitations and changes speeds nicely.  He can get downhill and shows good quickness attacking the rim, uses spin moves, behind the back dribbles and almost dares a defender to reach before blowing by them.  Good finisher!  Plenty of upside and certainly a player to Mo it or going forward.  Carries a 4.0 gpa! 

Mekai Brown, NY Rens 14U (6’6 2026 Archbishop Stepinac, NY)

Impressive frame and skill level for a player so young.  While his length stands out and catches you attention Mekai’s skill level and versatility keeps you glued to your seat excited as to what may lie ahead for this young man.  Mekai runs the floor exceptionally well, agile and speedy.  He is a very good finisher and has very good hands and footwork.  He can hit the spot up three pointer, stroke is fluid.  Mekai can also create roff the bounce using crossovers, between the legs dribbles, spin moves and accelerates nicely attacking the basket with determined strides and a nice touch with either hand!  He can post you up and score off drop steps over both shoulders.  Also likes to front pivot and hits the jumper at a good rate.  A very exciting prospect whose skill level is just as impressive as his lengthy 6’6 frame which features broad shoulders and a  mammoth wingspan.  

Jonathan Pang, Team Impact Black (6’2 2023 Montgomery Blair HS, MD) 

Jonathan average just shy of 21ppg and did much if that by raining jumpers from all levels.  Textbook mechanics, effortless range and good consistency out of a variety of shooting actions be it off the dribble, handoffs, spot ups, etc.  he gets very good elevation on his shot.  While his jumper is the foundation of his offensive game Jonathan is quite shifty attacking off the dribble and is a very good finisher.  He has a strong upper body and plays through contact nicely.  Impactful on both ends of the floor.  

Soloman Hillman, Team Impact Black (6’4 2023 National Christian Academy, DC)

Soloman provides versatility on both ends of the floor given his length, athleticism and durable frame that allows him to produce in the paint and a skill set that makes him an attractive and productive perimeter prospect.  He has repeatable shot mechanics and knocks down shots from all levels at s good rate.  Really comfortable shooting off the dribble and hits the pull up jumper at a high rate.  Soloman is strong and undeterred when driving to the rim, able to bully most guards.  He also has an impressive burst attacking space and is an explosive leaper.  Soloman can post his man and score over both shoulders, uses a nicely executed baby hook over his left shoulder.  Carves out space nicely for positioning around the rim.  

Lawrence Cole Jr, Big Shots Elite VA Nets (6'1 2023 Northside, VA)


Anthony Pineda, Team Impact Black (5’7 2024 The Avalon School, MD) 

Anthony can flat out shoot it and has range that extends beyond the arc.  He’s so effective because you have to get out and contest his jumper but also be aware of how quick he is off the dribble.  He has a quick handle and wins isolations routinely combining his low quick handle featuring crossover combinations and then his sudden explosive burst.  Anthony hits the pull up at an efficient rate and also finished over length with the floater.  He ranked among the scoring leaders at Big Shots VA Live while also playing pesky defense and pushing the tempo at every opportunity.  

Terrence McBride, Team Impact Black (5’9 2024 Bishop McNamara)

Quick and crafty off the dribble with the ability to stop on a dime and bury the pull up jumper.  Terrence turns Defense into offense and is quick end to end with the dribble.  Great motor, athletic.  Terrence was 5th in points scored with 45 points during session II of Big Shots VA Live. 

Bobby Gardner, Big Shots Elite VA Nets (Fluvanna County, VA)

Gardner is an explosive combo guard that gets downhill in a hurry and scores in traffic.  He showed his ability to connect from distance at a high rate throughout the week and an efficient mid-range game off the dribble. A tough minded player that has developed into the point position with a tight handle and a playmaking mindset. A high flyer at the rim with the skillset to score at all 3-levels. A consistent all star with Big Shots Elite VA Nets.

Jeremiah Koger, Team DTLR 15U (6’3 2025 Archbishop Curley HS, MD) 

Jeremiah is a fantastic athlete, quick and strong, fluid.  He hit the 15 footer, did a great job cutting to the rim receiving passes and finishing and moves off the ball nicely.  When catching the ball on the perimeter or in transition he likes to get a full head of steam and attacks the basket with a vengeance.  Protects the basketball nicely in traffic.  Jeremiah scored 15 points to lead Team DTLR to the 15U title.  Terrence is also a terrific football player at Archbishop Curley HS and carrries a 3.88gpa.  

Malcolm Velmar, TRU 17U (6’0 2024 Peninsula Catholic, VA)

Malcolm is a super quick and crafty point guard with impeccable vision and the ability to thread the needle at any moment to a teammate cutting to the basket.  Always a feared playmaker because of his explosive first step and great quickness, Malcolm has become more of a three point shooting threat over the past two seasons and he is very good pulling up and hitting shots off the dribble.  Malcolm had a dazzling performance in a tightly contested battle agains Big Shots Elite VA Nets scoring 23 points in a tough loss.  

Kevin Lucus, Jr, Team Richmond (5’11 2024 Manchester HS, VA)

Kevin earned MVP honors after scoring 19 points to lead Team Richmond to the 16U Slam Title.  He scored 22 points in the semi final win!  A sticky defender, energy giver, scrappy.  Offensively he mixes scoring and distributing the ball nicely and is an excellent playmaker who makes teammates more  effective by getting them the ball where they can be a threat and delivering timely and accurate passes.  Solid leadership tools, heady decision maker.  Kevin is a threat to knock down jumpers from all levels and out of a variety of actions.  He plays off hesitations nicely and has a quick first step and the ability to burst through a seam in a flash.  One of Virginia’s top 2024 guard prospects! 

Lamar Gregg, Team Richmond (6’3 2024 Meadowbrook HS, VA)

Lamar has grown about 2” since I saw him last fall.  He’s a very good leaper who plays taller than 6’3 inside where he’s a very good rebounder.  He is a threat to hit the jumper from anywhere on the floor and is also a physical scorer off the bounce.  Lamar can post his man and score with his back to the basket and also hits the jumper at a good rate especially in the mid range.  Sneaky explosive!  

Tykie Jones, River City Reign (6’2 2025 Churchill Academy, VA) 

Tykie is one of Virginia's top 2025 guards.  He is long and quick, great body control as he knifes his way to the basket.  Tykie is an explosive leaper, fearless attacking the rim and shifty.  His first step is eye popping quick and he can blow by his man and get to the basket in a blue or stop on a dine and bury the jumper.  Very good vision and passing skills.  Able to play either guard position productively.  Plays with a chip on his shoulder, a winner! 

William Hopkins, Team Richmond (5’11 2025 Hanover HS, VA)

Will has a great basketball frame featuring long arms and broad shoulders screaming of vertical growth potential.  A lefty shooter who can fill it up from anywhere on the floor.  His stroke is smooth and textbook.  Will is a very good scorer off the dribble, instinctive use of hesitations and a solid handle featuring inside out dribble and crossovers.  He can turn the corner on you and explode to the rim where he is crafty and aggressive.  Very good passer on the move!  He has a chance to be special!  

Dillon Newton-Short, Team Richmond (6’1 2025 Team Richmond, VA) 

Dillon knocks down shots from all over the floor and also finishes at the rim nicely.  His mechanics are smooth, plays on balance, excellent footwork and elevation on the jumper.  He has volleyball line range.  Dillon has a strong frame and plays through contact nicely.  Gets to his spots with the dribble and is efficient hitting the dribble pullup, fluid footwork.  Has potential to be one of the best high school scorers in Virginia’s 2025 class.  

Jamison Waters, BWSL TMB (5’9 2025 LC Bird HS, VA) 

Another top 2025 prospect on Virginia Jamison put on a three point shooting clinic in a Sunday afternoon game hitting 7 three pointers and finishing with 25 points in a tough loss.  He displays solid leadership skills, he’s a vocal floor general with a great feel.  Athletic, solid instincts.  He hits the pullup jumper at a good rate and can also get to the rim.  Jamison mixes scoring and distributing nicely and is a reliable decision maker.  Exudes confidence, a steady presence on the floor with the ball in his hands.  

Ohiozoje Owinje, New World Gold (6’2 2025 New Hope Academy, MD) 

Zoje is long, wiry and quick with a great motor.  Stays on the attack using rangy strides as he slices his way to the basket.  Has a very good first step and can get from the perimeter to the rim in 3 steps.  Beats his man frequently with his quickness and length and when he gets to that second level shows some creativity as a finisher.  

Brendan Johnson, Team DTLR (6’3 2024 Calvert Hall College, MD) 

Brendan can flat out shoot it!  Consistent and near automatic knocking down spot ups shots and has deep three point range.  Brendan also showed good consistency shooting off ball screens, getting through his cuts and getting open.  Skillful off ball movement.  Sound footwork and shot preparation.  

Ben Wesson, Team Vizion (6’3 2024 Albemarle HS, VA) 

Ben has good length and a high release making his shot difficult for many guards to contest; even those who can effectively contest find that he can also knock down contested shots at a good clip.  Shoots it well from beyond the arc both stepping in off the dribble and coming off screens.  Ben can also rip and go right where he can maneuver his way to the rim and finish.  Hits dribble pull-ups, floaters.  

Kannen McBride, 7th Nation Warriors

Kannen can really shoot it!  He hit 5 three pointers in a game and shot it well all weekend long.  Has a good understanding of spacing.  Moves without the ball nicely.  

Andrew Kretkowski, NY Rens 2026 

Andrew is 6’4 and has a long wingspan. Versatile, can impact the game in the paint or on the perimeter with his shot making prowess. Shot blocker, active on the glass on both ends.  Hits the jumper with 3-point range and is very good off the bounce. 

Gavin Kaye, BWSL Strothers  2026

Gavin is 6’4 and shows solid footwork and agility.  A paint protector but can also get his own shot off the dribble.  Uses crossovers, good burst and long strides, very good body control.  Can hit the 15 footer at a good rate, nice mechanics.  

Max Kellogg, NY Rens 2026 

Max is a sharpshooter.  Skillful footwork and shot prep he can knock it down both off the dribble, off a catch or coming off screens.  Also does a nice job getting to the rim off the bounce.  His Dad is LIU Head Coach and former UMASS star Derek Kellogg 

Jaden Brown, NY Rens 2026 

Silky smooth!  Jaden has a nice handle, attacks angles decisively.  He can blow by you or stop on a dime and his pull up game is big time!  

Antonio Williams, VA United 14U

Antonio is a long 6’ guard, slasher type with quickness and creativity as a scorer.  Nice touch on the using the glass!