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Big Shots Southeast Showdown: 13U All Stars

By Big Shots Nation, 10/12/21, 7:00PM EDT


Latrell Almond scored 15 in the title game to help Team Loaded capture the 13U title.

Rock Hill, SC-  Big Shots Southeast Showdown was the last travel basketball event of the year for big shots and it was held at the Rock Hill Sports and Events Center. It was filled with some of the nation’s best as they competed for a chance to take home the crown. There was elite level talent and some new up and coming stars. The Southeast showdown paired with the Southeast Top 150 was a great way to close out the season.  

Latrell Allmond was an All Star in the 13U division making a splash as one of the best in the entire division. Allmond was Team Loaded's go to player and he was impressive on both ends. He was key in his teams quest to win the title and it would take two back to back 15 point performances from Allmond to make that happen, as they went on to take home the crown. He scored the ball very well throughout the course of all 4 games, showcasing a little bit of everything in his game. Scoring was his specialty as he lead the entire division in scoring averaging over 13 points per game and earning the InStat MVP award. Team Loaded was dynamic at Big Shots Southeast Showdown, never really being tested. They were elite on not only offense but also defense as they beat their opponents by an average of 21 points. 

Another standout in the 13U division was Braden Hazlebaker for Big Shots Elite Tri-Cities. Hazelbaker has made quite the name for himself throughout the Big Shots circuit, being one of the top players week in and week out. He is quite unique when it comes to his skillset only at the age 13. Not to mention he has a great frame and size to set himself apart from others. Over the weekend Hazlebaker played in 5 games and averaged just over 12 points after it was all said and done. He scored in double figures 4 out of 5 and his highest scoring game was 17 against Carolina Hoopsterz Gold. Braden is one to keep an eye out for as he ages through the big shots circuit. With his blend of skill it's only a matter of time before Hazlebaker puts everyone on notice that his game is here to stay.. 

CHAMPS: Team Loaded- 49

RUNNER-UP: Big SHots Elite Tri-Cities- 26





Big Shots Elite Tri-Cities 2026             Brayden          Hazelbaker                                                     

Big Shots Elite Tri-Cities 2026             Lofton Looney                        

Big Shots Elite Tri-Cities 2026             Tayshawn Adams                                           

Boo Williams   35        Abraham         Taft                                         

Boo Williams   34        Xavier  Scott                                       

Carolina Hoopzters Gold        15        Reid     Hipp    2026    6’3       F          St Mary’s

Carolina Hoopzters Gold        0          Dreyton           Jackson           2026    5’5       PG       Wren Middle

Carolina Hoopzters Gold        34        Juan     Montoya         2026    5’6       G         St Mary’s

Carolina Hoopzters Gold        30        Nathan Wilbourne       2026    6’2       F          Langston Charter

Carolina Rockets 2026                        Ricky    Littlejohn                                            

Crown Academy 2025            Nolan Erikson                                               

Crown Academy 2025 32        Tyler    Brown                                    

Coach Mark Gerald Elite 2026            33        CARTER           COLEMAN                                          

Coach Mark Gerald Elite 2026            10        Josh     Gamble           2026                G        

Coach Mark Gerald Elite 2026            11        Andre  Littlejohn         2026                F         

Team Loaded              Cole     Cloer                                      

Team Loaded              Latrell  Almond                                              

Team Loaded              Cade    Murphy                                              

Team Loaded              Jaire    Richburg                                             

Team Loaded              Amani  Asare                          

Carolina Hoopzters Black        20        Shay    Bouharoun      2027    5'3       PG       St Mary's





N. Wilbourne13.0

X. Scott12.5

B. Hazlebaker12.2


A. Taft11.0

C. KLOER10.3

T. Scholls 9.8

R. Hipp9.3


S. Bouharoun8.7


J. Aremu8.0


C. Bear7.7


J. Montoya7.5

J. Gamble7.3

A. Littlejohn7.0