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Big Shots Southeast Showdown: 14U All Stars

By Big Shots Nation, 10/12/21, 7:00PM EDT


Team Hope 2025 Gripper took home the 14U title after a dominant weekend from MVP Landon Haggarty.

Rock Hill, SC-  Big Shots Southeast Showdown was the last travel basketball event of the year for big shots and it was held at the Rock Hill Sports and Events Center. It was filled with some of the nation’s best as they competed for a chance to take home the crown. There was elite level talent and some new up and coming stars. The Southeast showdown paired with the Southeast Top 150 was a great way to close out the season.  

In the final matchup of the day Team Hope 2025 Gripper took on Carolina Heights 2026 in the 14U title game. This was a back and forth game for a majority of the contest until the beginning of the second half. Team Hope was struggling early before their standouts Braylen Bowman & Landon Haggarty started to pick things up and bring their team back. Before you know it Team Hope 2025 took the lead after not leading all game and never looked back. Braylen Bowman was the games leading scorer as he had his way throughout the title game, scoring the ball on multiple levels. He showcased some nice ball handling skills and combo moves as he razzled and dazzled with the rock. He opened up the weekend with two back to back 14 point games putting his name on the map. Bowman is a very quick point guard that showed he can lead the team in many way. The combination of Bowman and Haggarty was a hard one to stop, mainly because Haggarty was the teams leading scorer averaging over 12 points per game. He was dialed in from three point all tournament long making multiple threes in every game at Big Shots Southeast Showdown. The 6'2  shooting guard has a smooth stroke and was able to make plays with and without the ball. Haggarty is an elite shooter at a very young age and has all of the right mechanics to keep climbing the ranks. One thing that stood out about Team Hopes offense is that it runs through Haggarty even when the play isn't ran through him. His scoring ability opens up lanes for himself but also his teammates to get space and score the ball. He was named InStat MVP for the 14U division finishing top 5 in scoring. 

Jonah Drye and Joshua Goodman were also standouts in the 14U division after being 1st and 2nd in the division in scoring. Jonah Drye of Crown Academy 2025 led the entire division in scoring, averaging 16.3 points per game. The 5'10 pg increased his scoring throughout the entire tournament ending off with his tournament high 20 points. Joshua Goodman on the other hand was one of the surprising names of the tournament. The standout guard started off the day in the top 150 camp and competed in the tournament as part of the Top 150 14U team. Goodman is a very talented scorer averaging over 15 points per game and leading Top 150 Orange to a win in game 1. 

CHAMPS: Team Hope 2025 Gripper- 47

RUNNER-UP: Carolina Heights- 37





Carolina Heights 2026 24        Lance   Barnes 2026    6-0       G         Charlotte

Carolina Heights 2026            KJ    Shouse                                   

Carolina Heights 2026            KJ   Taylor                                     

Carolina Heights 2026 33        Isaiah   Wiliams           2026    6'6       PF       

Carolina Heights 2026 2          Michael   Jones Jr           2025    5’7       PG       Springfield Middle School

Crown Academy 2025 1          jake     benham           2005    5'9       Guard  CFA Academy

Crown Academy 2025 25        Jonah  Drye    2025    5'10''   point guard     Concord First Assembly

Crown Academy 2025 4          Demarkus        Milton 2025    5-7       Guard  C

Crown Academy 2025            Ahmad Savage                                    

Elite 1 2025     12        CAMERON       CAMP                                     

Elite 1 2025     24        Hezikiah          Ponder                                   

Elite 1 Doyle                Yancey Thomason                                          

Elite 1 Doyle    24        ANDERSON     LEE                                         

Elite 1 Doyle    15        JEREMIAH       PERSONS                                            

Elite 1 Doyle    4          JAYDEN           ROSS                                       

Premier Players          10        Jaden   Mozie  2025    5-11     Power Forward           Fairfield Middle School

Team HOPE 2025 Gripper       1          BRAYLEN         BOWMAN                                          

Team HOPE 2025 Gripper       7          DANIEL            GUANDALO                                        

Team HOPE 2025 Gripper       15        LANDON          HAGGARTY                                         

TEAM HOPE 2025 POLLEY      24        VANCE JOHNSON        2025    5'9       GUARD            ALBEMARLE RD MIDDLE SCHOOL

Team Top 150             Joshua Goodman                                           

Team Top 150             John    Brown                                    

HYP RAPS EXTREME 14U        7          Joseph Albritton                     6-0       SG       



J. Drye16.3

J. Goodman15.5

j. benham13.7



D. Milton11.3



J. Mozie10.7

M. PAPIS10.5

J. ROSS10.3

B. Floyd10.0


L. Barnes10.0



M. Putnam9.0

A. LEE8.8

K. SHAH8.7

J. Albritton8.3