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Big Shots Myrtle Beach Live 2: 12U All Stars

By Big Shots Nation, 07/20/21, 8:30PM EDT


Big Shots Elite Tri-Cities 2027 take home the 12U title defeating Vizion 2027 63-57.

Myrtle Beach, NC-  Big Shots Myrtle Beach Live 2 was another standout event to tip off the Live Period. It was held at the Myrtle Beach Sports Complex, and it was filled with elite talent & some of the top teams. The gym was full with college coaches looking at some of the nation’s best & to find their next prospect.

Big Shots Elite Tri-Cities defeated Vizion 2027 63-57 to take home the 12U championship. Tri-Cities were led by a handful of players but none more important than Instat MVP London Horne. Horne played well on both ends off the floor. His Teammate Tayshawn Adams was also an elite plater in the division & is another familiar name in big shots. These two have been standout performers all year long and they didn't disappoint at Big Shots Myrtle Beach 2.

Noah Mercer of College Bound Athletes put on a show in the 12U division. Mercer was elite on the offensive end, averaging a division high 17 ppg. 


CHAMPS: Big Shots Elite Tri-cities 2027

RUNNER-UP: Vizion 2027





YSE      0          Justin   Mitchell                                              

7th Nation Warriors 6th         15        Kannon            Mcbride          2027    5'5       Guard  Broad Creek Middle

7th Nation Warriors 6th         3          Jamarion         Washington    2027    5-5       Guard  Rochelle Middle

Big Shots Elite Tri-Cities 2027             Carson Asbaty 2027                           

Big Shots Elite Tri-Cities 2027             Tayshawn        Adams 2027                           

Big Shots Elite Tri-Cities 2027             londen horne  2027                           

Carolina Zoom 10        Kingston          Walker 2028    5”8      Post     Mineral springs

CB Ruckus       2          Eli        ramsey 2027    5'0       Guard  Barrackville

CB Ruckus       7          Parker Watkins           2027    5'5       Guard  South

CBA     3          Noah   Mercer                                   

WCBA White   49        Rohan  Sakhrani                                             

HTOWN ELITE 2          CALVIN            MOSS  2027    5'4       2          E RUSSELL HICKS

Vizion  2027    33        Jhalil    Holloway         2027    5'9       SF        Linkhorn Middle

Vizion  2027    10        Harper Kauffman        2028    4'8       PG       John Wayland Elementary

Vizion  2027    28        Sam     Seaborn           2027    5'4       SG        Henley Middle

WV Impact      24        Keaton Terry                                      

WV Impact      34        Asher   Flanery                                   

Billies   22        Ethan   Diles   



. Mercer17.0

E. Diles16.7

R. Sakhrani16.0

K. Terry15.3

K. Mcbride14.8

A. Flanery14.3

E. ramsey13.0

W. Montague12.3

J. Washington12.3

J. Mitchell11.3


Z. Lovick10.5

L. Gilbert10.3

P. Watkins10.0

J. Cetnar9.8

Z. Sherod9.7

C. Freeman9.0

J. Holloway8.3

C. MOSS8.0

K. Walker8.0