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Big Shots Myrtle Beach Live 2: 17U All Stars

By Big Shots Nation, 07/20/21, 8:30PM EDT


North Eastern Sports NJ, Bucks Travelers, Hopson Elite, Athlete HQ, Able United Ball Hawks, & Kings Unlimited Capture a 17U title.

Myrtle Beach, NC-  Big Shots Myrtle Beach Live 2 was another standout event to tip off the Live Period. It was held at the Myrtle Beach Sports Complex, and it was filled with elite talent & some of the top teams. The gym was full with college coaches looking at some of the nation’s best & to find their next prospect.

Mathew Okorie of North Eastern Sports, Tyler Allen of Bucks Travelers, Jonas Tester of Hopson Elite, Kasey Hunt of Athlete HQ, Matt Guveiyian of Kings Unlimited Black & Zymir Faulkner of Able United Ball Hawks were all given a MVP award as they helped lead their team to a 17U title. Each player put on a great championship performance, playing at an elite level in more ways than one.


Kameron Johnson off Virginia Venom & Kendrell Brooks of Brothers Basketball were other standouts in the 17U division. Both players finished off the tournament with a bang, dropping over 30 points. Johnson finished the tournament leading all scorers with 22.7 ppg. Brooks wasn't far behind averaging 21 ppg. Both players are electric guards that can score it in a hurry. 

Ryan Maier was another name that seems to keep making headlines after continuously scoring the ball at a high rate. Maier has been playing well at big shots all summer and continued his streak at Big Shots Myrtle Live 2. Maier is a true scoring guard that can shoot it from the perimeter as well as get into the paint. He is consistent every game scoring the ball but he is also finding ways to help his team get involved as well. Maier averaged just over 20 ppg.





CHAMPS: North Eastern Sports NJ

RUNNER-UP: Crucial






CHAMPS: Bucks Travelers

RUNNER-UP: OCA - Garrett






CHAMPS: Hopson Elite

RUNNER-UP: No Guts No Glory 






CHAMPS: Athlete HQ 17 Black

RUNNER-UP: WV Reign Elite 2022






CHAMPS: Able United Ball Hawks

RUNNER-UP: Flight 22 Select






CHAMPS: Kings Unlimited Black

RUNNER-UP: WV Reign Elite NAvy






OCA Bruins      0          Kyle     Olson                                      

OCA Bruins      12        Carson Crozier                                   

Able United Ball Hawks          0          Zymir   Faulkner          2021    6'1       PG       Charlottesville High School

Adirondack Wild 17U Elite      4          Ayden  Harrison          2022    6-9       Forward          Christian Brothers Academy

Adirondack Wild 17U Elite      2          Robby  Hicks   2022    5-11     PG/SG  Christian Brothers Academy

Adirondack Wild 17U Elite      12        Ryan    Aidan                                      

Athlete HQ 17 Black    14        Kasey   Hunt    2022    6-4       SG        Sylvania Northview

Athlete HQ 17 Black    1          Ethan   Meyer 2022    6-3       W        St. Francis DeSales Toledo

Athlete HQ 17 Black    22        Jake     Meyer 2022    6-3       PF        Eastwood

BHB 17 24        Demarco         Bethea                                   

BHB 17 32        Trevon Miles                                      

Big Shots SC Select      25        Xavier  Adams 2022    6’1       Guard  Cane bay high school

Big Shots Select SC      2          Cayden            Black                                      

Big Shots Select SC      7          CJ         Bennett Shaffer                                             

BigShots Select Tricities 2022 10        Keynan            Cutlip              6'3       Win    

BigShots Select Tricities 2022 0          Carter  Metz                6'0       PG      

Brothers Basketball    5          Luke    Pagnanelli       2021    5-11     Guard  Cedar Ridge

Bucks Travelers           4          Tyler    Allen    2022    6-3       G/F      Reginald F Lewis

Bucks Travelers           6          Garren Edmonds         2022    6-3       SG        Edmondson

Bucks Travelers           13        Noah   Oliver  2021    6-3       G/F      Eastern Tech

Bull City Silverbacks 12th grade         5          Sean    Slims                                       

Bull City Silverbacks 12th grade                     Jahvarius         Carter                                     

Bulls Elite        25        Charlie Whitley           2022    6'6''     C          East Wake Academy

BWSL Marsh               Jamison           Lynam                                    

BWSL Marsh               Robby  Matos                                     

Capital City Thunder   2          Michael           Cheadle           2021    5'8       G         Dunbar high school

Chosen 1 Generation  15        Miles   Philips                                    

Chosen 1 Generation  14        Donovan         Means                                    

Christian Academy      3          Fisher  Darden 2022    6-4       SG        Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach

Crossover        2          Luke    Garrett                                   

Crucial 22        Rye      Gadd   2022    6-3       G         Webster County High School

Crucial 23        Jordan McInnis           2022    6’9       F/C      Greater Beckley Christian School

Crucial 1          BJ         Mitchell           2022    5-6       PG       Greater Beckley Christian School

Crucial 5          Kaden  Smallwood      2022    6’0       PG/G   Greater Beckley Christian School

Crucial 14        AJ        Williams          2022    6-5       G         Liberty High School

EBA All Stars 17U        3          MESSIAH         FAISON                                               

EBA All Stars 17U        11        NOAH  RICHARDSON-KEYS                                        

Flight 22 Premier        12        Bryce   Brooks 2022    5'10''   Guard  Independence High School

Flight 22 Premier        11        Brantley          Springer          2022    6'3''     Guard  Southeastern HomeSchool

Flight 22 select                        cameron          henley                                    

Flight 22 select            14        tucker  morgan                                              

Hopson Elite   5          Nic       Borojevich       2022    6-2       W        Swanton High School

Hopson Elite   22        Stephen           Coleman          2022    6-5       W        Hillcrest Prep

Hopson Elite   11        TJ         Hallett 2022    6-3       SG        Oak Harbor High School

Hopson Elite   23        Colin    Nutter 2022    6-7       PF, C    Old Fort High School

Hopson Elite   2          Jonas   Tester  2022    6-2       SG        Wauseon High School

Houston Top Guns Navy 17    5          Toluwalase      Adewunmi      2023    6-5       PF        Legacy School of Sports & Sciences

Kings Unlimited Black 32        Shawn Congelton       2021    6'5''     SG/SF  Doane Academy

Kings Unlimited Black 0          Zoe      Holman           2022    6'0       PG       Camden Charter

Kings Unlimited Black 10        Nasir    colins                                      

Kings Unlimited Black 3          Alijah   Smith   2022    5'10     PG       Lenape

Kings Unlimited Black 4          Matt    Guveiyian        2022    6'5       SF        Haddonfield Memorial

Kings Unlimited Gold  4          Omari  Banks  2021    6-2       PG       Tatnall HS

Kings Unlimited Gold  0          Donanvan       Crawford         2022    6-6       SF        Quality Academy Prep

Monsters Athletics     24        Jayson Williams          2023    6-4       F/C      Bethel High School

Nash Prep       23        Ashton Mooney          2022    6-0       PG       Parkersburg South

Nash Prep       7          Brayden          Townsend       2023    6-0       SG        Parkersburg South

NC Eagles        0          Rayshaun        Alston  2022    5ft 11'' point guard     Jordan Mathews High school

NC Eagles        15        Sawyer Elkins   2022    6ft       small foreword           Chatham Central High school

No Guts No Glory        7          Devin   Emerson                                             

No Guts No Glory        33        Sawyer Santik                                     

No Guts No Glory        0          Josh     Johnson                                              

No Guts No Glory        4          James  Jones IV                                              

No Guts No Glory        12        Patrick Malott                                    

Prospect U      1          Marquis           Dunklin                                               

Prospect University Red         1          Chris    Saunders                                            

River City Reign 17U   1          Ken      Wallace                                              

Rock It Sports  21        Brendan          Coughlan                                            

Rock It Sports  35        Sincere Moore                                    

S2AD   4          Avmon Forrest                                   

S2AD   6          Justin   Gaton                                     

S2AD               Jackson           Romanski                                           

S2AD               Armon Forrest                                   

SMD Heat        4          Isaiah   Alexander                                           

SMD Heat        9          Chris    Cooley                                    

Stafford Orange          30        Aslftov Schoolfield                                         

Team Pressure 910     9          Jashon Alford  2022    6-0       PG       Northwood Temple Academy

Team Pressure 910     22        Ky'Seer Greene 2022    6-3       Fwd     Southview High

Team Pressure 910     11        Beau    Stafford           2022    6-0       PG       Freedom Christian Academy

Team Synergy 2          Angel   Burgos                                    

Unity 2022                  Destin Bray                                        

Unity 2022                  JJ         Macdonald                                         

Unity 2022                  Mason Ramey                                    

Unity 2022                  Troy     Jones                                      

Virginia Venom           21        Kameron         Thompson                                          

Virginia Venom           13        Chris    Cyrus   2023    6-3       Guard  Williamsburg Christian Academy

Virginia Venom           21        Kameron         Johnson           2021    6          Guard  Charles City High School

West Virginia Reign Elite 2022           5          Yeshua Lamar Hurst   2022    6’4       SG        Buckhannon upshur high school

West Virginia Reign Elite 2022           14        Ryan    Maier  2022    5’10     Pg, sg   Grafton high

West Virginia Reign Elite Navy           55        Pharoah          Fields   2022    6-2       PG ; SG Fairmont Senior High School

West Virginia Reign Elite Navy           25        Ryan    Hurst   2021    5-9       PG       Buckhannon Upshur High School

West Virginia Reign Elite Navy           4          Jude     Raven  2022               



K. Johnson22.7

D. Bethea21.0

K. Brooks21.0

L. Garrett20.5

R. Maier 20.5

T. Gray20.0


T. Miles19.5

R. Alston18.7

D. Davis17.7

J. Wisman-Raven17.7

R. Hicks17.7

A. Mooney17.3

R. Gadd17.0

S. DeBruhl16.3

L. RAZI16.0

C. Cyrus15.7

T. Button15.7


K. Cutlip15.3