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Beach Ball Classic Winter Jam: Club Varsity All-Tournament Teams

By Big Shots Nation, 12/30/20, 4:45PM EST


WV Togs goes undefeated to take home the Club Varsity crown

Myrtle Beach, SC - Throughout the circuit season players from West Virginia have been making a name for themselves at Big Shots. As West Virginia High School winter sports was announced today of the delay until March 1, WV Togs took advantage of the opportunity in the Beach Ball Classic Winter Jam by going 4-0 led by MVP Carson Poffenberger and Xavier Pryor.

Fayetteville Flash 2022 was once again led by the high level 2023 guard duo Treymane Parker and Isaiah Washington with RJ McDonald being a breakout performer.

2022 shooter Cooper Knight of Mount Pleasant led the division in scoring averaging 22.7 ppg. Aidan Harris of St. Marys (MD) was a breakout player posting 36 points in round 1 for the Running Mavs.




MVP: Carson Poffenberger - 6’8 Forward - WV Togs

1st Team

Carson Poffenberger - 6’8 Power Forward - WV Togs (2021) / Morgantown (WV) - Top available stretch forward in WV's 2021 class named MVP in leading WV Togs to the title. 

Xavier Pryor - 6’2 Point Guard - WV Togs (2021) / Morgantown (WV) - A top available PG in WV 2021. Runs the show for Morgantown (WV). 

Treymane Parker - 6’2 Point Guard - Fayetteville Flash (2023) / Cape Fear (NC) - High major 2023 PG, explosive, HM+ athleticism. Top 5 NC 2023.

Aidan Harris - 6’4 Wing - Runnin Mavs (2023) / St. Marys (MD) - Breakout player scored 36 in round 1. Strong scoring wing.

Dai’Marquise Brooks - 6’5 Small Forward - WV Togs (2021) / Capital (WV) - Strong combo wing, scored all 3-levels.

Cooper Knight - 5’10 Shooting Guard - Mount Pleasant (2022) / Wando (SC) - Top 3-point shooter & leading scorer at 22.7 ppg in the Club Varsity division. Had a 30 point outing in Round 2. 

Declan Ryan - 6’8 Power Forward - NEBC Buffalo (2022)/Canisius (NY) - Skilled power forward, efficient scorer. Big frame and knows how to use it.

Blake Barkley - 6’9 Power Forward - WV Togs (2023) / University (WV) - Bouncy forward, one of the top forwards in WV's 2022 continues to get better and better. Inside-out game led the Togs in scoring at 12.5 ppg.

Isaiah Washington - 6'4 Guard - Fayetteville Flash (2023)/Pine Forest (NC) - Top 10 NC 2023, high level combo guard. Scores all 3 levels. Will be heavily recruited.

2nd Team

Massan Bryant - 5’9 Point Guard - Fayetteville Flash (2023)/Cape Fear (NC)

RJ McDonald - 5’10 Guard - Fayetteville Flash (2022)/Cape Fear (NC)

Alex Montemagno - 5’11 Shooting Guard - Mount Pleasant (2022)/Wando (SC)

Ryan Garwood - 5’11 Guard - NEBC Buffalo (2022)

Malachi Travis - 6’0 Guard/Wing - Fayetteville Flash (2022)

Romeo Bell - 6’3 Point Guard - NEBC Buffalo (2023)/Tapestry (NY)

Ryan Kelly - 6’6 Forward/Wing - NEBC Buffalo (2022) / Kenmore West (NY)

Joseph Udoh - 6’10 Forward/Center - WV Togs (2021)/ Hurricane (WV)

Club Varsity Leading Scorers


C. Knight22.7

A. Harris19.3

M. Travis15.0

R. Kelly13.3

R. McDonald13.0

B. Barkley12.5

T. Parker12.5

C. Poffenberger12.3

D. Brooks11.8

D. Ryan11.8

R. Garwood11.8

X. Pryor11.3


J. Udoh9.3

R. Ball9.3


T. Barbe9.0

G. Hadden8.7

S. Schwartz8.7

I. Washington7.5

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