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Catching Up with VA 2021 PG Cam Cormany

By Big Shots Nation, 06/25/20, 9:15AM EDT


Catching Up with VA 2021 PG Cam Cormany

Cam Cormany is one of the top shooters in the state of VA. This past season, Cam was named 1st Team All-State by leading his team to a 24-3 record. He is a shifty point guard that can shoot the lights out from about anywhere in the gym. Cormany is a skilled guard that can play on and off the ball. He also has great court vision and can find his teammates in the half-court. The knockdown shooter has great footwork and shooting mechanics, making him a very fundamentally sound player. Defensively, Cormany plays hard and smart while competing at a high level. During the 2018-19 season, Cam lead his team to an undefeated season and the 2A VA State Championship. He resembles his game after NBA star JJ Reddick and previous Marquette star Andrew Rowsey. 

We had a chance to catch up with Cam Cormany and hear more about his recruitment, what he is looking for in a school, and his development as a player.

Question: Which Schools are showing you the interest? 

Cam Cormany: “Schools that have shown interest are Navy, Army, Liberty and honestly I haven’t sent my film out much so I’ll have to start sending it out more.” 

Question: How did your high school season end up? 

Cormany: “High school season was good, made it to the state semis and lost in overtime.”

Question: Were there any highlights or memorable moments throughout the year? 

Cormany: “There we’re highlights forsure one of the main things was we lost 8 seniors the year before and everyone thought we were gonna have a down year but still ended up winning the district championship and region championship. And then making it to the state semis we definitely overachieved as a team which made it a special year to me.  Personal accomplishments don’t mean much to me but I was district player of the year, region player of the year and first team all state in 2a  so it felt kinda good seeing hard work paying off.” 

Question: What qualities are you looking for in your potential college coach and program? 

Cormany: “I’m looking for a coach who is gonna push on an everyday basis cause that’s what is gonna make me a better player and better man. I want a coach who builds relationships with the players and who takes basketball and uses it to teach life lessons. I want a program that is focused on one goal and that is winning. Having a tight knit group and having great leadership is also very important to me. I want everyone that is a part of the program to be on the same page and like I said before, focused on winning and getting better.” 

Question: How would you describe your game on the court? 

Cormany: “If there was one word to describe my game on the court it would be prepared. When I step on the basketball I love to know that I’m more prepared than my opponent. I know that I have put more hours in the gym working on my craft than they have.  I am a lethal shooter and I have limitless range. I know where I’m supposed to be on defense at all times whether I’m in help or denying a pass. I can come off a pin down and be catching and shooting in the same motion. And have turned myself into a great ball handler.” 

Question: In what areas of your game would you like to improve as you prepare for the next level? 

Cormany: “There’s always somewhere you can improve. I think for me it’s becoming very very athletic. Another thing I want to improve is learning reads and watching film on how I can turn a good decision I made on the court into a great decision.  Lastly just continue to perfect my craft in all areas cause you should never be satisfied.” 

Question: Who is your favorite player to study and why?

Cormany: “JJ Redick is definitely a player I study a lot. It’s incredible how he can come off handoffs pin downs or any kind of screen and get his jump shot off that fast. He can catch and shoot in the same motion. Andrew rowsy is also another player I study because he is really a product of countless hours in the gym he’s not gifted in height or being a freakish athlete. But he can score at all three levels. He has limitless range. He has runners, floaters. He’s a great passer. He can catch and shoot off any kind of screen like JJ. He just really motivates me because of the hours he has put in the gym. And he plays the game with a chip on his shoulder. Last player would be Kobe. His footwork is the main thing I study and I love his mentality. Everyone that plays sports should strive for Kobe's mentality. He’s a dog.”  

Question: How have you been able to manage the quarantine while continuing to train and get better as a player? 

Cormany: “Yes, honestly I think quarantine has been good for me. I have been able to really focus on getting stronger and more athletic. I have been outside shooting and doing lots of ball handling about everyday. Although it’s not perfect conditions it makes you appreciate when you do get to get back inside on that hardwood. Also you have more time to study the game and learn as a player. But definitely looking forward to things getting back to normal.”

We look forward to keeping up with Cam and continuing to follow his progression as a very talented player in VA’s 2021 class.