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Catching with WV 2021 Aiden Satterfield

By Big Shots Nation, 05/11/20, 9:45AM EDT


Catching up with WV 2021 Aiden Satterfield

Aiden Satterfield is a top shooting guard in the state of WV in the 2021 Class. He is currently ranked 5th in the state playing at Charleston Catholic. Aiden is a 6’5 slashing guard who has the ability to get by defenders and finish at the rim with length. He has really progressed as a player over the years from when he first played in Big Shots events. He currently holds interest from VMI, UNC Asheville, Youngstown State  University of Charleston, Marshall, Navy, and West Liberty. Aiden has been an intriguing prospect because of the energy he brings to the floor. 

We had a chance to catch up with Aiden Satterfield to hear about his recruitment, what he is looking for in a school and his development as a player.

How has the recruiting process been and which schools are showing you the most interest?

Aiden: It's been interesting and a very new experience with all that's going on now. The schools showing interest would be VMI, Youngstown State, UNC Asheville, University of Charleston, West Liberty, Mashall, and Navy.

What qualities are you looking for in your potential college coach and program?

Aiden: I'm looking for a coach that is going to push me to my full potential as a player of course, but also as a man. 

How would you describe your game on the court?

Aiden: I'd describe my game as a smooth scorer with length who can also defend multiple positions and get his teammates involved.

Who is your favorite player to study and why?

Aiden: I love to watch Devin Booker. Me and him are the same height and he's an elite 3 level scorer who can do almost anything offensively. 

How have Big Shots events helped your player development and recruitment?

Aiden: Big Shots has helped me in a number of ways and I can't thank them enough! They've given me a platform to play in front of a number of scouts, coaches, and the people at Big Shots are great! The tournaments, also have a lot of high-level competition. They also really push for your recruitment as well with post articles, and things like that.

We look forward to keeping up with Aiden and continuing to follow his progression as a very talented player in WV’s 2021 class.