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Catching up with Heritage High School Head Varsity Basketball Coach Tilden Brill

By Big Shots Nation, 11/03/19, 7:15PM EST


Heritage High School Head Varsity Men’s Basketball Coach, Tilden Brill sat down to talk with us about his program’s upcoming season. He took the time to give us some insight on his team’s preseason workouts, areas of improvement, and highlighted a few players for college coaches to watch out for. The Huskies will open up their season with a non-conference opponent on November 19 against Millbrook High School at home in Wake Forest, NC. 

Question: How have preseason workouts and open gyms been going?

Coach Tilden Brill: “The preseason was very productive for us. The workouts were well attended and we saw a lot of improvement on and off the court going into the winter. We attacked success in the weight room and with our skill development. I’m excited about the potential of this group.” 

Question: In what main areas are you guys looking to improve from last year?

Coach Brill: “I think communication and consistency are two areas Id like to see us improve. I’ve seen these two aspects already improved during the preseason and I think guys are ready to take the next step being a year older and more mature.” 

Question: Who are some of your guys college coaches should be looking to follow this season?

Coach Brill: “Tre Waller, our senior point guard is a four year varsity player. Juniors Lucas Taylor and Redford Dunton both have played varsity since they were freshmen and have really improved. Seniors Kyler Bowden and Alvin Campbell are ready to take on more prominent roles and are ready for the challenge. Jalen Rochelle (Junior) is our best defender.” 

Question: Are there any particular games or tournaments that you guys are looking forward to playing in this season?

Coach Brill: “I know we are all excited about playing in the John Wall Holiday Tournament. Continuing our old Cap 8 roots we will be playing non conference opponents Millbrook, Leesville Rd, and Broughton. The NAC-6 conference play will be the biggest out of them all. We have to be ready to play every night if we are going to win a conference title.”

Question: How have you guys managed to build such a strong culture of success at Heritage?

Coach Brill: “The commitment of the players, families, and coaches is what has made it so successful. We have had groups of guys that set the bar high year in and year out. It has created expectations of not only winning, but HOW to. Guys have been shown a great example of what to do and how to do it and also seen the success of former teammates at the college level. Naturally I think that inspires them to try and emulate that same success. This group of guys has already set that bar high in the preseason, I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together this season.”

We wish Coach Brill and his Heritage team the best this season and look forward to following the Huskies’ success.