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Colt Langdon named Next MVP

Big Shots Next Raleigh Top 150: 2025-2027 All Stars & Standouts

By Big Shots Nation, 10/31/19, 2:45PM EDT


MVP Colt Langdon is a national level prospect in 2025

2025-2027 All Stars 

MVP: Colt Langdon 2025 6’4 SF

I knew coming in a 6'4 seventh grade wing would be one to watch, but the skill level that Colt Langdon possesses at that size is amongst the elite in the state and nationally. He was dominant in all facets of the game at NC Top 150 averaging 18.0 points, 10+ rebounds per contest and was the top overall prospect in Next camp. The smooth lefty can handle, hit the 3 & pull-up and finishes nearly everything in the paint. He has high level advanced instincts with ability to go coast to coast off a rebound, make reads and adjustments in traffic to finish plays. A standout for Team Thrill NC on the circuit this past season. One to put on your radar as one of North Carolina's best in 2025. 

Jymont Kizer 2025 PG

Kizer had the hot hand at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 scoring 10.0 points per game. A shot maker off the catch or dribble, he used fakes well to get into the paint and score over length. Liked his speed with the ball in his hand and decision making on when to shoot and pass. Named a 2025 1st Team All Star.

Trevor Best 2025 G

The Best brothers coming up in the Garner Road program know how to play and score. Trevor is the younger brother of Mike Best who lit it up on the circuit and Trevor has a similar production. At 5'8 he uses his speed and length to get to the rim and create off the dribble. He was in the paint quite a bit either hitting a floater or dishing to the open man for a bucket. A standout for Garner Road Lanier this past season on the circuit. Scored 10 points in game one and was one of the top passers in the 2025 class at NC Top 150.

AJ Gladieux 2025 G

Shooters shoot and lefty AJ Gladeiux can fill it up from deep. One of the top shooters in the Next division. He was a past MVP at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150 and returned in all star fashion in 2019 as a 3-point contest champion. He scored 10 points in game two. AJ plays with a high basketball IQ understanding the reads and actions and how to make plays. Love his passion at both ends of the floor and his ability to pick up on instruction quickly. Most importantly he has the stroke to make shots from three and mid-range and is a must guard when he's on the floor.

Antonio Mckoy 2026 G

Antonio was the top 2026 performer at Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. He made shots all over the court scoring 14.0 points per contest as one of the top scorers in the Next division. His ability to put up numbers was on display all year on the Big Shots circuit as he was an all star with Carolina Rockets. A confident ball handler that can create off the bounce and can get into the paint finishes through contact. He gets to the line at a high rate with his aggressive play. He's on the Big Shots NC 2026 Watchlist and will be to one to monitor over the years to come.

Kingston Beale 2026 G

Kingston Beale was one of the top playmakers and defenders in the Next division. A past MVP of the Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. An active wing with skills, athleticism and length that allows him to make shots and plays all over the court. Every time I see Kingston he's adding another dimension to his game whether it's using his left hand more, shooting the 3 at a higher rate or simply growing in size and length, Beale is a prospect that has a bright future as an all star standout on the circuit for Garner Road. Big Shots NC 2026 Watchlist member.

Hunter McGrath 2027 G

Now for the second time this fall with Flight 22 Hunter McGrath was named 2027 MVP as the biggest standout in the 2027 class at Big Shots Raleigh & Southeast Top 150 with Paul Biancardi. One of my biggest joys in Big Shots is having coach's sons play in our events and watch their development throughout the years. Hunter, the son of UNCW head coach CB, is clearly advanced in his skill set with his fundamentals of ball handling, shooting, footwork on his jumper and basketball IQ.  A point guard that handles ball pressure well playing against older players with good court vision to make the read to score or dish. He led the 2027 class in ppg scoring 10 points in game 1 at the NC Top 150.

Miles Moore 2025 G

Active players standout and Miles Moore was brought the energy and motor to Big Shots Raleigh NC Top 150. A constant movement on offense and defense, Moore made the hustle plays for his team and converted that into points. In game two he scored 9 points and had a number of deflections, assists and rebounds. A standout for the Carolina Flyers powered by Big Shots program in the 2025 class.

Ashawd Wynn 2025 G

Wynn is versatile, athletic wing that can defend and play multiple positions. He gets out in transition off a miss leading the break with a confident handle and good decision maker in traffic. He competes on the glass at both ends of the floor. Like his motor and his passion to win. A standout for Carolina Rockets on the circuit.