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Cam Hayes, Greensboro Day


By Big Shots Nation, 10/17/19, 8:00AM EDT


Check out the latest from Cam Hayes, including his recent decision to move back into the class of 2020.

Q: You decided to re-class up into the 2020 class, explain the decision behind that.

Cam Hayes: I decided that with my parents and my coaches after the last AAU season. I felt like it was the best opportunity for me considering a majority of the coaches recruiting me was for 2020 so I just made the jump back into my original class.

Q: You're committed to the NC State Wolfpack, what factored into that decision?

CH: Being close to home, being able to play in the best league in the ACC. Coach Keatts had been recruiting me for a very long time and made it known that I was a priority. Their playstyle fits me perfectly coming off a lot ball screens and stuff, so that'd basically be my role once he leaves coming in there trying to make a big statement and leaving my legacy there like he did.

Q: You got to attend NBPA Top 100 Camp this past summer, what was that experience like?

CH: It was a great experience. It gave me an opportunity to play against a lot of top high school kids. So you know, if you don't go out there and play your best, you'll get exposed. Just getting that type of exposure was great.

Q: What area of your game has seen the most improvement this offseason?

CH: Being more vocal, being more of a leader. Austin Inge was our primary leader this past season, so I feel like I have to come in and fill his shoes by being more vocal. Then just being consistent in every game and every practice, playing hard, faster but under control.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most this season?

CH: Playing in the out of state tournaments. We get to play in Missouri in the Bass Pro Tournament and the Chick-Fil-A in South Carolina. You know, just being that it's my last season of high school, just going out with a bang playing with my brother's and hopefully win another state championship.

Hayes and Carson McCorkle have become quite the dynamic duo in the Greensboro Day backcourt and with the addition of a few more weapons in 2019-20, they're gearing up for another run at their fourth-straight NCISAA state title.