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By Big Shots Nation, 10/03/19, 10:00AM EDT


The Class of 2022 really stood out at the Big Shots SE Top 150 camp.

The sophomore class was fun to watch at the BigShots Southeast Top 150 Camp. Here's a look at the All-Stars and Standouts.

MVP: MJ Rice 6'5 - Guard - Durham Academy  (NC)

M.J. Rice showed off what he could do with the ball in his hands at the BigShots SE Top 150 Camp. He showed off his ability to knock down 3-pointers off the catch and finishing at the rim whenever he wanted with a 24-points per game average during the showcase games. Rice is a big guard that uses his strength and ability to finish above the rim. He'll need to develop a mid-range game but his ability to get to the paint warrants a lot of attention.

2022 All-Stars First Team

Massai Graham - 6’7 - G/F - Tapestry Charter (NY)

Massai Graham was one of the breakout performers at the BigShots SE Top 150 Camp. He stood out with his ability to get out on the break and finish above the rim. He scored on all three levels and averaged 12.0 points per game across two games. Graham had a number of highlight-reel finishes and took home the Slam Dunk Contest award before the end of the day.

Cinque Lemon - 6'5 - SG - Fayetteville Academy (NC)

Cinque Lemon was impressive during the skills sessions and games with his ability to shoot the 3-ball and finish at the rim. Lemon is still learning how to finish plays but when he touches the ball on the break, good things tended to happen. His speed and athleticism with the ball is unmatched.

A.J. Cook - 5’11 - PG - Weddington High School (NC) 

A.J. Cook was one of the top performers of the day, pouring in 44 points on 10 made 3-pointers. Cook got hot in one of the final games of the day and never looked back, scoring at will as he found his rhythm and never looked back. He also won the 3-point Shooting Competition on the day so it was quite a way to close out the day.

Collin Tanner - 6’4 - G/F  - South Granville High School (NC)

Collin Tanner had a strong day at the BigShots SE Top 150 Camp. He showed off his ability to get to the rim and finish in traffic on a number of occasions. He averaged 25 points per game and showed off his ability to get rebounds and get to the rim on the break.

Hamilton Campbell - 6’0 - PG - The Carlisle School (VA)

Hamilton Campbell was quite the floor general during the games sessions at the BigShots SE Top 150 Camp. As he learns to make good decisions with the ball, he's a prospect with a high ceiling. He knocked down five 3-pointers across two games and showed flashes of his playmaking ability when given the opportunity.

Carter Hendrick - 6'5 - SF - Catawba Ridge (NC)

Carter Hendrick showed off his versatility as a stretch-forward prospect this past weekend. He made three 3-pointers and produced 10.5 points per game in the games portion of the day and showed off quite the stroke during the skills session. 

2022 All-Stars 2nd Team

Jamai Jackson - 6’9  - F - Kenmore West High School (NY)

Jamai Jackson showed off his abilities as a inside-out big man threat at the BigShots SE Top 150 Camp. He wasn't afraid to put the ball on the floor and get to the rim when pressured. He also showed off a nice jump shot from the high-post area that went in with efficiency. He's a big man that's finding his way in the paint and on the boards.

Ryan Kelly - 6’7 - SG - Kenmore West High School (NY)

Ryan Kelly was a confident shooting guard prospect that knocked down a solid number of 3-pointers throughout the day. Kelly had nice size on the wing at 6-foot-7 and did well to create space for himself to get off his shot. 

Kolton Painter - 6'0  - PG - Nitro High School (WV)

Kolton Painter was quite the impressive playmaker off the bounce. He showed off his handles and ability to put his teammates in scoring position during the games portion of the BigShots SE Top 150 Camp. He didn't hesitate to find points for himself off the bounce, either. Painter showed off a high IQ for making things happen when he touched the ball.

Nathan Spence - 6’4 - F - Middle Creek High School (NC)

Nathan Spence is an emerging forward prospect that impressed with his ability to shoot the ball during the skills session and games. He has nice length on the wing at 6-foot-4 and didn't hesitate to get to the rim off the bounce. If he can show he can survive in the paint, he should develop into quite the forward prospect.

Yasir Saleem - 5'9 - PG - Georgia Military College Prep (NY)

Yasir Saleem was quite the sharpshooting lead guard at the BigShots SE Top 150 Camp. He showed off his stroke from behind the arc during drills and made three 3-pointers each during the games sessions. Saleem averaged 13 points while showing that his size wasn't an issue in creating space for shots. 

Jeremy Aldrich - 5'11 - PG - New Hanover High School (NC)

Jeremy Aldrich put on quite a show as a lead guard this past weekend. He led the way with his leadership and ability to set up others for points. He didn't try to do too much and got his players in positions to score. Aldrich scored three 3-pointers to the tune of 13 points in his final game of the showcase.